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From "Ramesh Sakala" <>
Subject Couple of questions on Axis Handlers
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 22:22:25 GMT
Hi All,

I have couple of questions on Axis handlers. Any help in answering this questions (answers,
hints, pointers are all welcome) is greatly appreciated.

1. I want to configure request and response handlers at the application scope. When I do this,
my understanding is that only one instance of these handlers get created and get used for
all web service requests. Is this true when I configure handlers at each web service level
and also as part of global chain?

2. Also, when I use Application scope request and response handlers, will one instance of
these handler get created for each web service or only one gets created for the whole Apache
Axis engine?

3. My request handler need some initialization so that it does not take long time on the first
request to initialize. I think I read in one of the newsgroup emails that if the Axis service
is set to load on startup, it calls the init method of the handlers on the startup  of the
app server itself. It looks like that is now Axis 1.0 worked. Does Axis 1.1 fix this?

4. How about the destroy method. Handler's destroy is not getting on called when App Server
is shutdown/unloaded. Like the initialization, I have some unload() work which need to be
done on the shutdown. In Axis 1.0, It looks like the destroy method is not getting called
on the shutdown. Does Axis 1.1 fix this?

Thanks in advance,

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