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From "Perman, Sam" <>
Subject RE: Generated Class Configuration
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 14:22:41 GMT
Have you tried:


Guillaume Sauthier wrote:
> Thanks for the response :)
> Ok, Maybe this time I'll success to explain my problem :)
> In fact, what I want to do is to use the generated classes
> (for the client side) with a different Endpoint URL. Because
> I am integrating Axis in an Application Server, and the user
> must get an already configured interface when he perform a
> lookup on the service, I have some constraints :
> I cant say to the client : "If you use a webservices endpoint
> from a module in the same application unit, you have to set
> the URL by hand in your code!" It's impossible! Here is a
> code snippet from the spec : <snippet> InitialContext ic =
> new InitialContext(); AddressBookService abf = (AddressBookService)
> ic.lookup("java:comp/env/service/AddressBookService"); </snippet>
> So I have to preconfigure the service objects he will
> retrieve from the lookup call. When the user have a generated
> service class binded in the JNDI, the endpoint URL of the
> Ports he might access are hardcoded! So I cannot change them
> ! (no setEndpoint methods !).More, the generated Service
> class construct a new **SoapBinding for each
> <service>.get<PortName>() call (with the hardcoded endpointURL :'( ).
> That why the only solution I find is to modify WSDL2Java!
> Regards
> Guillaume
> Davanum Srinivas wrote:
>> Guillaume,
>> Am confused. Are you talking about the ** class? It's
>> not needed on the server-side. It's used from a client when the
>> client wants to invoke the service. That's the only class that has a
>> endpointURL param, note that ** classes have
>> additional constructors where you can pass in the endpoint url as
>> well. 
>> Thanks,
>> -- dims
>> --- Guillaume Sauthier <Guillaume.Sauthier@Bull.Net> wrote:
>>> Hello all
>>> Maybe I don't post this question at the right place but nobody on
>>> axis-users list answer me. And I thinks that's a question that might
>>> be interresting for the ones who are trying to use Axis in a J2EE
>>> compliant way. 
>>> The problem is the following :
>>> In order to integrate Axis in JOnAS (OpenSource J2EE Application
>>> Server), we have to follow the JSR109/921. In this spec, they add a
>>> new element in servlet and ejb Deployment Desc (the component that
>>> can be WebServices client) : service-ref. This element describe the
>>> port that the component will use (with port-component-ref element).
>>> And the port-component-ref can specify a port-component-link, That
>>> just say that the port used by the client is contained in the same
>>> application unit (ear file). So the URL location of this port is
>>> unknown when we generate the Service implementation from WSDL (the
>>> Definition with a dummy location attribute) and so we have to
>>> specify it when deploying in the server (we can then calculate the
>>> URL of the port). 
>>> That's for the context :) Now, how things works ?
>>> When we generate Class from WSDL, Service class are generated with
>>> the endpointURL of the WSDL (dummy value). And when we request a
>>> port with this Service class, this endpointURL is always used, and
>>> we have no way to change it (no accessor, more the endpointURL
>>> field is final!). 
>>> Is there a correct way to tell the Service class to use another
>>> endpoint value (the updated one, computed at time of the endpoint
>>> deployment on the Application Server)?
>>> The easiest way I found is to change the WSDL2Java tool for removing
>>> the "final" attribute of the endpointURL and add a
>>> setEndpointURL(QName port, URL newURL) for replacing the endpoint
>>> value. 
>>> I will be pleased to read your point of view on this question.
>>> Regards
>>> Guillaume
>> =====
>> Davanum Srinivas -

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