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Subject Re: Dynamic web services in AXIS
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 23:34:17 GMT
I have also come across similar requirements for implementing WSMF 
( ). In this 
specification, each managed resource is represented by a managed object (Web 
Service) of its own. In certain applications, the number of managed resources 
is quite large and they come-and-go quite often. Full fledged Axis web services 
do not seem to make sense for representing such light-weight web services.

I am trying to simulate multiple web-services within a single Axis Web Service 
by constructing URL addresses that have a QUERY_STRING. However, this screws up 
WSDL generation (currently, I have a seprate Servlet to take care of WSDL 
generation). The other issue I see is if and when I decide to use HTTP GET 

Pankaj Kumar.
> Hi,
> I'm researching possible solutions of how to expose a dynamic system of
> Java objects as net of corresponding web sevices (WS).
> The objects in that system are instantiated from different Java types
> that form inheritance lattice of some depth and keep interrelationships
> (i.e. Java references) among themselves. As said above, the object
> system is highly dynamic and there is only a some kind of root object
> which exists at startup, while other objects are instantiated at runtime
> (but all live in the same JVM). 
> The assumtion is that every distinct Java object will map into a
> distintic WS with unique URI. 
> Every WS will be linked with WSDL which is generated from  the
> corresponding backend object Java type.
> Relationships b/w backend Java objects will be exposed as URI refs b/w
> corresponding WSs.
> Are there any guidelines (or starting points to look at) where I could
> find more details of how to approach it with AXIS? 
> Is it feasible at all? To be more specific I'd say there are 50-100
> types and hundreds of objects there.
> The key thing which I'm trying to understand right now - at what extent
> it's possible in AXIS to control the backend object which serves
> incoming WS request - because the idea is to switch this object based on
> URI associated with request message.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sergey Pichkruov
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