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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: doc/lit support
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 18:59:44 GMT
Mike Perham wrote:
> Any comments?  My main point is that WSDL must be treated as a
> first-class citizen going forward.  Axis can adequately handle simple
> doc/lit services which are generated from a java class but cannot handle
> WSDL written by hand.  This is a major flaw and will become a major
> interoperability problem going forward as web services and doc/lit
> messages grow in popularity.

sounds like it.

> WSDL is the public face to a web service.  When you are designing a java
> component to be used by arbitrary clients, what do you want to get
> absolutely right?  The interface - make sure it throws the right
> exceptions, uses publically available classes as arguments, etc.  In the
> same manner, it is my belief that professionally developed web services
> have their WSDL hand tuned to get the message schemas, faults,
> attachment bindings, etc exact.  Creating the WSDL and messages at
> runtime from the Java code simply will not work because the schema
> definitions contain more information than the Java code itself.
> maxOccurs and choice are examples.  So a client which uses the
> hand-tuned WSDL will often simply not work with an Axis server.  I would
> appreciate axis-dev's feedback here; am I missing something or is there
> a better way to describe the problem?
> mike

I believe in WSDL first too; even though WSDL 1.1 is ugly as anything.

If we need to fix Axis then so be it; its doc-lit support is weak 
compared to .NET, and anything you can do to help is great. If you help 
enough we even give you commit access to the code :)

The first step will be more test cases to replicate the problems. Then 
comes the patches.

1. already uses WSDL metadata to populate the call object -if 
that needs extending, then there is already a place to start.

2. I wonder if focusing on SOAP1.2, WSDL1.2 is the best forward looking 

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