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From "Srinath Perera" <>
Subject DOM -> JAXME - how to serialize element?upper name spaces not defined
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2003 16:16:21 GMT
Hi All,

Consider An WSDL like
<definitions ...    xmlns:s0="" >
<types><schema> .....<schema></types>
<definitions >
In JAXME conversion we serialize/genarate SAXEvents from the schema element.
***** NOTE that the namespace s0 is defined in definition tag. ***
so when the element is serialized the namespce associated with prefix"s0"
not specified.
I tried using both SerilizationContext.writeDOMElement(ele) and xerces.
both failed in same way.

Any body knows better way to do it.

trying all tests has become a *nightmere* as schema's in some of the WSDL's
in the AXIS_HOME\ test are rejected
by JAXME saying undefined elements/attributes. So we are working with
selected set of WSDL's among them which are OK to jaxme.


1) I tired both SerilizationContext.writeDOMElement(ele) and xerces to do
both failed in same way.
2) Then I try the XSLT method dims explined.
(I get through the problem(about document element) I explain before  by
diasbling an exception in the JAXME code,
 But then JAXME give an exception saying cant find the namespace with the

We are IGNORING this and continuing right now and as this problem will
solved at once
the jaxme people accept the node.

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