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From "Sergey D. Pichkurov" <>
Subject Dynamic web services in AXIS
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:16:30 GMT

I'm researching possible solutions of how to expose a dynamic system of
Java objects as net of corresponding web sevices (WS).
The objects in that system are instantiated from different Java types
that form inheritance lattice of some depth and keep interrelationships
(i.e. Java references) among themselves. As said above, the object
system is highly dynamic and there is only a some kind of root object
which exists at startup, while other objects are instantiated at runtime
(but all live in the same JVM). 
The assumtion is that every distinct Java object will map into a
distintic WS with unique URI. 
Every WS will be linked with WSDL which is generated from  the
corresponding backend object Java type.
Relationships b/w backend Java objects will be exposed as URI refs b/w
corresponding WSs.

Are there any guidelines (or starting points to look at) where I could
find more details of how to approach it with AXIS? 
Is it feasible at all? To be more specific I'd say there are 50-100
types and hundreds of objects there.
The key thing which I'm trying to understand right now - at what extent
it's possible in AXIS to control the backend object which serves
incoming WS request - because the idea is to switch this object based on
URI associated with request message.

Thanks in advance,
Sergey Pichkruov

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