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From Tom Jordahl <>
Subject RE: java2wsdl - Using Interfaces?
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 16:29:14 GMT


It doesn't sound like you are missing anything.  I would encourage you to attempt to implement
this functionality if you have the inclination.

Tom Jordahl

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From: Josh Rehman []
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 9:08 PM
Subject: Re: java2wsdl - Using Interfaces?

There is a note about this in fromJava/todo.txt "support exporting by 
interface" with the response: seems like we have enough bells and 
whistles here". Looks like Ravi Kumar and Rich thought this would be a 
nicety, and decided not to do it.

I imagine they thought it was a nicety so that users could support a 
subset of the exported API. But actually it is more than that - support 
for this allows for RMI-like behaviour where you can, for example, use 
exactly the same test on the client and server side, useful for 
isolating various parts of your system.

One could also use it as a "poor man's code generator", generating 
trivial beans from interface definitions; but this is a side-effect. :-)

I would still like to find out if I should bother implementing this, or 
if the list thinks I'm missing something.


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