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From Adhamh Findlay <>
Subject Re: Documentation only committer?
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 11:56:20 GMT
On 9/8/03 10:11 PM, "Steve Loughran" <> wrote:

> Adhamh Findlay wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've noticed that there seem to be several documentation related bugs, that
>> have patches attached to the bug, but have not yet been committed.
>> Is there such a thing as a documentation only committer?  If this role
>> existed, would it speed up the process of getting the new documents out?
> It usually complicates CVS too much. Rest assured though, if you submit
> enough doc patches you will become a committer. Docs (and Javadocs) are
> very important to open source projects, and Axis can improve muchly there.

Makes sense.
>> Secondly, who was the final say on what gets committed and what does not?
>> Right now I have two bugs open, one says document SimpleAxisServer more and
>> the other says to remove all documentation about SAS.  There is disagreement
>> on which way to go in the Axis community, so I'm curious to know who gets to
>> decide this.
> There is a voting process, covered in the web services corner of the
> wiki. All developers have a say, committers get more say, some decisions
> are based on consensus, others on a majority of sorts, and others have
> veto opportunities. If Tom and Glen say 'doc SAS more', then I'll flow
> with that, even though it is not something I'm likely to use myself.

I think Tom is against it.  But I'll let him speak for himself in the bugs.


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