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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: ClassCircularityError while using Apache Axis
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 18:09:59 GMT
Seetharaman Narayanan wrote:
> Hello All,
>               We have a Validation Manager WebService,
> whose sole purpose is to validate some scripts which
> are xml based files. We have a JSP where a user
> uploads the file and clicks a button to validate it.
> The JSP makes a function call to validate this script
> file through many passes until it finds a boolean
> value equal to true in the object returned by the
> function call. So basically the validation is done in
> so many passes. 
>      The funny thing here is if we try this validation
> in a multi user environment, the JSP goes into a funny
> state and does nothing further. After two days of
> debugging, finally we found that we were catching the
> exception, but not the throwable. So the first
> question obviously is why does the generated stub
> throws a Throwable rather than an exception? Finally
> when we printed out the stack trace, it was to do with
> a ClassCircularityError.
> So all I want to know is, has anyone reported this bug
> yet? Is the generated classes by WSDL2java, threadsafe
> ? Why does this problem happens to us once for every
> thre concurrent requests?

No, they are not threadsafe. You should be able to make different calls 
with different object instances in different threads, but you should not 
be able to reuse the same object in different threads at the same time.

If you are not doing the latter, maybe you have stumbled on some 
internal race condition nobody else has found...

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