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From "gordie atkins" <>
Subject Complex Return type
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:36:04 GMT

I am comparitively new to Axis SOAP and would be very grateful if 
someone could provide some help . I am invoking an operation in a 
webservice and am getting a complex return type as my response.

Which is the best way for me to process the output xml and create 
the corresponding bindings from xml to java.

 From the body of the soap response i can iterate through elements 
of the complex type and then call corresponding accessor methods 
which i can create using some tool.But there would be many loops 
and mantainence might become a hassle later on

Can I use the Axis deserializer to form mappings between the xml 
elements to corresponding java objects while processing the 
complex return type output or for this  or will I have to use 
JAXB,Digester or Castor to form these mappings and build up java 
object for complex return type.

In short can someone please enlighten me a bit more abt the best 
method of deserialization. Am I on the right track

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