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From "Piero Campanelli" <>
Subject Clarification on Notification style of WSDL and callback API
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 14:28:00 GMT
Hi to all,

I am interested about callback API in AXIS. How is its state of development
? I have seen previous posts about a current work about it but didn't find
any update about it.

Speaking clearly I am trying to get a deeper understanding of webservice and
their benefits. I believe that webservices are not a distribuited object
middleware (a-la RMI) but the concept of asynchronous notification of data
is important in many domains and in financial domain in particular.

Watching several commercial implementations of webservices I saw that
callback mechanism is implemented using artificious logic cabled into stubs
generated by tools provided by vendors. Do you know any possible logic to
implement this kind of stuff ? Related to this I am unable to understand the
"Notification" style of WSDL message. When is it used? Is it related to
asynchronous callback ?

Thank for your help and feel free to write me about these topics

Piero Campanelli
Software Engineer
Gatelab -

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