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From "Viens, Steve" <Stephen.Vi...@FMR.COM>
Subject RE: UUID Reuse proposal
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 21:23:59 GMT
Why not just go to the source (i.e. jUDDI) and get it.

Steve (jUDDI Developer)

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Reilly [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 9:32 PM
Subject: UUID Reuse proposal

I'd like to ask the axis developers to donate the java package
org.apache.axis.components.uuid to the Jakarta commons.

I'm cross-posting this message on both jakarta commons-dev list and axis-dev
list as commons could adopt this package and place somewhere sensible to the
commons. My suggestion would be as an addition to org.apache.commons.lang
since the UUID is a special/complex type (aren't all classes, but hopefully
you know what I'm saying.)
I know not to cross-post but given the request it only makes sense. I
realize the package has some basis on the similar package in the BSD
licensed project. It doesn't make
sense to include the UUIDGenFactory, which would remain in place (unless
anyone has good ideas on making it more generic?)

The reason for this request is that the package is nicely written (kudos to
the author(s)), and very useful in a number of applications. The Jetspeed
developers can use this package; however it does not necessarily make sense
for Jetspeed to create a dependency on the axis jar, solely to use this
package. There are numerous other applications of UUID's that make it an
ideal candidate for the Jakarta-commons, and I feel that donating/adopting
this package within the commons fits nicely with the vision of the commons.
Other uses abound, for example struts could use the classes to guarantee a
form is submitted only once. A search of brings back some
patterns that use guid/uuid.

I'd be willing to send the patches to the Axis team if the commons
committers are willing to adopt the package and Axis wishes the same.
Basically this would be to depreciate
org.apache.axis.components.uuid.SimpleUUID and make SimpleUUID extend
org.apache.commons.lang.UUID.SimpleUUID (tentative). Then replace the
"org.apache.axis.components.uuid.SimpleUUID" strings within the CVS. Or if
there is a better way.. I'd be will to do whatever is agreed upon.

Please consider this request; I'll keep an eye on each list and if both
projects agree that would be great and we can proceed.
A lesser alternative would be for jakarta-commons to adopt the package, but
axis makes no changes. This is the perhaps the lesser approach since reuse
is not fully accomplished but if the Axis committers are reluctant then
perhaps they could give their "okays" to the lesser approach, and
jakarta-commons could still adopt the classes.

For more information on UUID:
Per javadoc comment -
* A Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is a 128 bit number generated
* according to an algorithm that is guaranteed to be unique in time and
* from all other UUIDs. It consists of an IEEE 802 Internet Address and
* various time stamps to ensure uniqueness. For a complete specification,
* see [leach].

Thank you for considering.
-Tim Reilly

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