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From Lilantha Darshana <>
Subject RE: [Axis C++] mod_axis & Interface call backs
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 12:29:22 GMT
>I guess your concern is keeping the request_rec as a global pointer and
>multiple requests are being served there is a problem of keeping multiple 
>request_rec s. Also when calling send_response_bytes and get_request_bytes 
>there is no way to associate it with the relevant request_rec.These
>are relevant only when multithreading.

>yes,It would be better if we can avoid this global varible.

>We suggest the follwing to solve this issue.
>The signature process_request(soapstream *) is changed to process_request
>(soapstream *, void *) so that the request_rec pointer can be passed to
>so that send_response_bytes and get_request_bytes can be called with that 
>pointer. Would that solve the problem for writing a module for IIS? do you 
>have an idea on how this would affect other modules?

This would be little ok. But why you want to pass unwanted information
What need to be passed into process_request(...) is only the SOAP
envelop & the set of headers or additionally the actual path of the server.

To pass only the body content & headers. I would prefer of having 
I/O streams rather than a server specific structure like request_rec 
(even though you refer it using a void*).

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