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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: isDebugEnabled calls
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 20:52:53 GMT wrote:
> My profiling shows that an appreciable amount of time is spent on
> isDebugEnabled calls.  It's not huge, but they add up to 5 seconds of time
> over 100 calls because they are invoked almost 400,000 times in over those
> 100 calls.
> I'm wondering whether we couldn't adopt the policy that says debug logging
> is either enabled or disabled at creation time for certain heavily used
> objects, like DeserializationContextImpl.  So, you'd either get debug
> logging or you wouldn't, on a message by message basis.  Changes won't take
> effect until the next message.  DeserializationContextImpl accounts for
> almost all of the calls described above.
> I am, of course, volunteering to do the work.  What say you?
> Eric

I say that assuming people are just using static log4j config, then this 
is a definite performance boost.

My only concern is for live tuning of production servers, those in which 
you suddenly want to turn on diagnostics for a bit without a restart. If 
the changes you make can still get picked up between messages, i.e. on a 
live system without a restart, then I am for it.


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