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From Toshiyuki Kimura <>
Subject Re: MustUnderstand faults
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 03:39:26 GMT
Hi Chris,

  I entirely agree with you on valuation of Ann's dissertation.
However, my conclusion is different from yours;

[My definition]

   - It has features as a SOAP server to receive, understand,
     and process SOAP messages.
   - It also has features as a SOAP client to invoke, or pass
     the processed SOAP messages to the next node.
   - It has a URI to indicate its location.
   - It has no restriction to implement these features.
     ( Proxy type, JAX-RPC type, or any others ? )

   - It should be called as "SOAP Message Handlers on JAX-RPC
     specification", in the strict sense of the word.
   - It is a functionality to implement a JAX-RPC end-point
     as a Web service implementation, and JAX-RPC client.
   - The server side handler implementations are a part of
     a user implementation as an end-point.
   - Axis Handler is outside the scope of this discussion.

   Note: - The JAX-RPC handler is the only way to touch SOAP
           headers on JAX-RPC environment.
         - The ultimate receiver SOAP node (i.e. an end-point
           implementation [equiv] handler impl(s) on JAX-RPC)
           also has to process SOAP headers which may have MU

Thus, I said before;

  On the other hand, how should we identify our implementation,
Axis as a JAX-RPC runtime ?  It's standing between a ws client
and a ws implementation on a server, it's also capabilities for
processing of SOAP messages. But, Axis has no URI to intercept
SOAP messages, like as "/soap/servlet/rpcrouter" on Apache SOAP.

  Nevertheless, I think that we should take care of Axis like as
an intermediary, because the role is in effect an intermediary.

Toshi <>

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From: Chris Haddad []
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: MustUnderstand faults

Toshi -

The SOAP processing rules are orthogonal to the constraints
imposed upon handlers.
has an excellent dissertation on the fact that a handler is neither
a SOAP node nor a SOAP intermediary.  The specification fragments
referenced in your note does not necessarily pertain to the inner
processes (handlers) of the SOAP node (Axis).


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