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Subject AXIS vs JAX-RPC
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 07:32:48 GMT
Hi Everybody
I was curious over Axis with respect to JAX-RPC. 
It seems that everybody agreed on the fact that AXIS is JAX-RPC complient.

but the Axis handlers are not implements the JAX-RPC handlers 
eg: - axis has invoke(MessageContext) and JAX-RPC has handleRequst
(MessageContext) and handlerResponse(MessageContext). there are few such 
occurances that I notice. 

Does the statement "AXIS is JAX-RPC complient" is made in the basis of 
functionality (I agreed complitly that in reality JAX-RPC and AXIS handlers 
are doing the same thing in terms of functionality , even I prefer the way 
that axis does it than JAX-RPC).
 Can enybody explain plus the basis that things like " is JAX-RPC complient" 
is decided.
Thanks for your time. 


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