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From Harald Pollak <>
Subject Re: Axis C/C++ - has anyone build it for openvms?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 07:29:13 GMT
Axis for java is working fine on openVMS- I allready tried it in
combination with tomcat  ( there is a port from HP ), it is part of the
secure Webserver. But i think it would be fine to have a C/C++ port,
cause our and i think most of the existing software is written in native
code and to extend this - a native code is a little bit simpler ( and i
think faster ) then a nativ/java combination.


Am Fre, 2003-08-08 um 20.29 schrieb Steve Loughran:

> wrote:
> > pardon my ignorance, is openvms a unix clone? what kind of platform does it 
> > run on? What issues would one have to consider to get an openvms environment 
> > running? and is there a enterprise level adoption of openvms and if so how 
> > significant is it?
> > thanks,
> > sanjaya. 
> 1. You need a VMS box, preferably an alpha one, or maybe an alpha copy 
> of VMS on IA64
> 2. It is highly regarded by its installed base, and has excellent 
> clustering features
> 3. It has a funny filesystem -most definitely not Unix.
> I dont know about Axis C++ on VMS, but do know that OpenVMS support is 
> going in to Ant as we speak. You cannot bootstrap Ant on VMS, but a 
> nightly build of Ant will recognise it and many things will work. So you 
> may be able to build Axis Java on OpenVMS. And if not, you should be 
> able to run it with a build made on a different platform.
> Steve
> One of these days I should get the loan of the Itanium-1 box that I have 
> been offered and bring up Win2K3, Linux and openVMS on it, then run the 
> Gump on all three platforms. It would be interesting...I just dont have 
> the time.

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