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From "Toshiyuki Kimura" <>
Subject RE: MustUnderstand faults
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 07:06:38 GMT

  My understandings are as follows;

  If a SOAP mustUnderstand Attribute is for an end-ponit (i.e. a NS
of 'mustUnderstand Attribute' indicates the end-point), the end-point
MUST understand the attribute or block any further processing.

NOTE: from JAX-RPC 1.0 specification
  - Only, JAX-RPC handlers have an accessibility to SOAP Headers and
    the mustUnderstand Attributes
    (An end-point implementation has no way to access Headers)
  - A JAX-RPC header doesn't know who are staying behind it in the

  Because of these scenarios, the first handler instance of configured
HandlerChain should process the mustUnderstand Attribute in JAX-RPC
implementation.  It's not a rule, but a "reasonable" proposal.


   Toshi (Toshiyuki Kimura) <>
   R&D Headquarters
   NTT DATA Corporation

> > We should fix this immediately - I'll volunteer to do so this
> > weekend.  Are people OK with switching back to the
> > "pre-flight-check" for MU headers (my preferred fix)?
> After some consideration I think this needs a bit more thought, since
> "pre-flight"ing requires all Handler authors to include the QNames their
> Handlers deal with, and also requires pre-execution knowledge of all
> possible Handlers in the chain.  These aren't really huge problems, but
> they are changes and need to be carefully considered.  Perhaps the first
> step toward fixing this is putting the MU-checking handler back at the end
> of the SOAPService's request chain and then going further after that.
> --Glen

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