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From "susantha" <>
Subject Re: wrapper class generation?
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:42:26 GMT
> currently axis c++ is supposed to generate a wrapper class for each 
> web service class deployed, using information in the WSDD and the 
> interface file 
> (C++ header file)of the web service class.

finally the wrapper class generator will be a deployment tool on the server
which takes users webservice header file and other header files (which
describles custom types) and the wsdd that is similar to the one we use to
deploy a web service with Axis Java.

But the wrapper class generator will be interested in only the following infor
mation in the input wsdd.
1. Typemapping information like namespace and type name for all custom types
that are in header files
2. Information related to the web service class

those information taken from the wsdd will be hard coded in the generated
wrapper class.

> what would be the feasiblity of giving those information in the 
> header file itself in form of comments or compiler directives and 
> generate WSDD from that information ?

Its true that we can easily use set of compiler directives that only the
wrapper class generator understands to do this. But I dont think this is
feasible due to following reasons,
1. We cannot ask the web service writer to include all the information in the
include file anyway. ie .we need wsdd anyway
2. In order to change the namespace of the service the header file has to be
changed which is not good.



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Subject: wrapper class generation?

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