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From Doug Davis <>
Subject RE: Status of Axis 1.1 Final
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 12:20:56 GMT

For 20653 - in my particular case the bad classname was in the global
handler section so it would die during the execution of any service.  In
this instance it happened to be the AdminService 'cause I was doing a
remote deployment.  So yes it _could_ prevent any service from being run.

Glen Daniels <> on 06/12/2003 08:14:52 AM

Please respond to

To:    "''" <>
Subject:    RE: Status of Axis 1.1 Final

Summing up, it looks like we've got the following on the table for
last-minute fixes:

20653 - This should be an easy fix which prevents an NPE.  The NPE is
indicative of a bad class in the WSDD, which is a config error, but we
should if anything be clear about that error, not toss an NPE.  Doug, when
does the NPE happen?  Does it prevent [un]deployment from working?

20655 - Doug's pet peeve. :)  Not a showstopper, but could be fixed.

15133 - This one really does look bad, as it fries i18n.  Jens' patch will
deal with the issue at the cost of &-encoding things which might not need
it in other character encodings; this might be OK for 1.1.

Can anyone take some time today to attempt to deal with these?  I have some
critical-path coding to do for MACR in the morning, and then I'm in
meetings from 11AM through 7PM (egads). :(

There are also a few others (17554 and 18287 come to mind) which we might
look at, but we also need to get a release out....

How about this - if fixes for these are agreed on / checked in by tomorrow,
I'll rekit the build.  Otherwise, we'll accept these as known bugs and
release 1.1 as is, with the intent of fixing these and other bugs ASAP
after 1.1 - and 1.1 is still a lot less buggy than 1.0 was.

Does that sound OK?


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