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From Doug Davis <>
Subject RE: Status of Axis 1.1 Final
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 19:01:39 GMT

I just want to clarify - I don't disagree with that you said but I do
believe that when you ask people to test then you should accept the
responsibility to respond to the testing effort.  What that means to me is
to review each bug and determine whether or not its a showstopper.  I
agree, everyone things "their" bug is special, and if as a group axis
decides a certain but isn't a show stopper then downgrade its level in
bugzilla (with an explanation of why). This at least won't alienate(ie.
piss off)  the "voluntary" testers out there.

"Kellogg, Richard" <RKellogg@MICROS.COM> on 06/11/2003 02:51:40 PM

Please respond to

To:    <>
Subject:    RE: Status of Axis 1.1 Final

Greetings gang.

Sorry to rock the boat.  Part of the problem is everyone thinks there bug
is a major showstopper.  I took at look at both bugs 20653 and 20655.
Neither of these qualify as showstopper bugs.  These should be classified
as normal bugs.  I just reviewed Bugzilla, easily 25% of them have been set
at Major or higher.  Only a few are real showstoppers.  Maybe 15133 falls
into that category.

As it has been said before, if you find a bug in open source software then
supplying a patch will increase the chances of it getting addressed.
Remember the people that work on Axis are volunteers.  Do you best to make
their jobs easier by spending the time to research before submitting a
stack dump with little to no information.

Enough said.  I appreciate everyone's efforts,

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From: Jens Schumann []
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: Status of Axis 1.1 Final

On 6/11/03 08:29 PM Glen Daniels <> wrote:

> Did you find a showstopper?  I missed it if so...!

Maybe Europe isn't a target market for Axis anymore ;).
I would call #15133 a major showstopper. The encoding for Strings is pretty
much broken for special characters.


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