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From "Chris" <>
Subject WSDL2Java: One impl class per binding?
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 17:09:10 GMT
Judging from classnames, WSDL2Java generates one WS impl class per binding
in the WSDL. I'm a little green to go messing with having multiple bindings
right now, but it seems clear that if you have more than one binding, they
should all share an implementation, through autogenerated magical code. If I
have a SOAP binding and an SMTP binding, why would I write two separate

This seems quite clear to me. 95% of the time when things seem this clear
it's because I'm misunderstanding something, and the 5% I'm actually right
about something. I'm curious which this is.

(By the way, I asked this on the user list and got no reply, before coming
to the dev list)

Thanks all,

Chris Lalos
Senior Software Engineer
Tax Refund Express
713-681-0003 x1570

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