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From Eric.D.Fried...@WellsFargo.COM
Subject static analysis of axis.jar with "findbugs" utility
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 17:21:50 GMT
I ran the "findbugs" static analysis utility against a copy of axis.jar.
I'm attaching the resulting report, which was created with the "textui" in
"sort by class" mode.  It looks like there are several things that could be
trivially fixed and several others which merit further investigation.
Findbugs comes with an ant task and so if there's consensus about the
usefulness of this report, it might make sense to add a target to the axis
build file so that this can be run from time to time.

Findbugs, if you don't already know, was created by David Hovemeyer and Bill
Pugh (of skip list fame).  The original paper describing the tool and its
goals is available here:  The site for
findbugs is here:

And here's a report for axis.  I recommend trying it out yourselves with the
GUI -- that includes slightly more verbose descriptions of the patterns that
findbugs considers to be problematic.


PS -- I'd be most concerned about the classes that have problems with the
equals/hashCode contract, as those can result in serious and difficult to
reproduce runtime failures.  Also, there are places where Axis is using the
"double checked locking" idiom for lazy initialization -- this is known to
not work in Java and should be fixed as soon as possible.  See for
information about why this is so.  Apart from that, it's up to the
committers (of which I am not one) to decide what other errors are worth
fixing.  The several unread/unused instance variables are probably easy,
low-hanging fruit....


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