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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject RE: Status of Axis 1.1 Final
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 12:20:51 GMT
+1 for fixing 20653, 20655 and 15133. I'll see what i can do...

-- dims 

--- Glen Daniels <> wrote:
> Summing up, it looks like we've got the following on the table for last-minute fixes:
> 20653 - This should be an easy fix which prevents an NPE.  The NPE is indicative of a
bad class
> in the WSDD, which is a config error, but we should if anything be clear about that error,
> toss an NPE.  Doug, when does the NPE happen?  Does it prevent [un]deployment from working?
> 20655 - Doug's pet peeve. :)  Not a showstopper, but could be fixed.
> 15133 - This one really does look bad, as it fries i18n.  Jens' patch will deal with
the issue
> at the cost of &-encoding things which might not need it in other character encodings;
> might be OK for 1.1.
> Can anyone take some time today to attempt to deal with these?  I have some critical-path
> to do for MACR in the morning, and then I'm in meetings from 11AM through 7PM (egads).
> There are also a few others (17554 and 18287 come to mind) which we might look at, but
we also
> need to get a release out....
> How about this - if fixes for these are agreed on / checked in by tomorrow, I'll rekit
> build.  Otherwise, we'll accept these as known bugs and release 1.1 as is, with the intent
> fixing these and other bugs ASAP after 1.1 - and 1.1 is still a lot less buggy than 1.0
> Does that sound OK?
> --Glen

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