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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: update on axis-c++
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 02:00:25 GMT

-- dims

--- Sanjiva Weerawarana <> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I would like to give an update on the axis-c++ effort that we're
> doing here in Sri Lanka. As some of you know, I have organized 
> an open-source software foundation in Sri Lanka to get local
> developers to participate in open-source projects. Axis-C++ is
> our first effort. This is being worked on by the following
> folks:
>     Chaminda Divitotawela
>     Nuwan Gurusinghe
>     Susantha Kumara
>     Damitha Kumarage
>     Nadika Ranasinghe
>     Sanjaya Sinharage
>     Roshan Weerasuriya
> Susantha, Damitha, Sanjaya and Roshan are working full-time on this
> effort. Nuwan and Chaminda are spending 2 days a week and Nadika 
> one day a week. Susantha is the technical lead of the team. I work
> with them to help understand stuff and to help guide the 
> architecture etc..
> I had previously organized a group of folks from here to work on
> a client-side C++ impl - that is currently committed at
>     ws-axis/contrib/Axis-C++
> The current work has focused on the server-side. We intend to go
> back to the client-side code and bring it in alignment with the
> server-side code, but the work so far been on the server side.
> We had a phone call with Dims a while ago when he explained the
> overall Axis architecture and what he wanted us to do before the
> work could be moved to the mainstream. The current status is that
> we've developed an architecture for the server side and prototyped
> most of it. A draft document explaining the architecture is 
> attached. The model supports all the usual Axis concepts (WSDD,
> handlers, etc.) but is a bit different in the internal guts. I
> assume that is not a problem .. the main motivation to change was
> to try to move to a more pull-oriented approach and hopefully a
> higher performant approach. All of this stuff can be discussed and
> adjusted once we get this going mainstream, of course.
> I have also attached a jar file containing the main source. The
> attached isn't enough to compile (it doesn't include all the
> dependencies) but enough to give you an idea of the current status. 
> What I'd like to do is the following:
>     - commit the code to the main repository at ws-axis/c++/...
>     - make the authors committers
>     - run in regular mode: design, implement, etc. etc.
> Dims suggested that we take a vote on how to move forward. Here's
> my +1 to the above approach. 
> What do you think?
> Sanjiva.

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/msword name=AxisServerDesign.doc

> ATTACHMENT part 3 application/octet-stream name=axiscpp.jar

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