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From "Agarwal, Naresh" <>
Subject returning object of objects from Web Service using AXIS
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 04:47:43 GMT

Is it possible to for a function in a Web Service to return a java object, which constitues
of other java objects (using AXIS) ?

Consider the following: 

class B {


	void try()
		System.out.println(" writing from B..");	

// rest of implementation


class A {

	B instanceOfB

	B getB() {
		return instanceOfB;   // assuming it is allocated memory 

// rest of implementation

There is a function func(), which returns an object of type class A as follows: 

A func()

I need to expose this function as Web Service using AXIS
Now the Web Service client after calling this function get instance of A say instance_of_A_recieved_by_client.

Now -

Can I call the "getB" function from the object instance_of_A_recieved_by_client. If yes, where
would I get the definition of class B from? Will the deserializer of class A will have deserializer
of class B as well?

thanks & regards,
Naresh Agarwal

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