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From "Yannick Naudet" <>
Subject Problems with LogFactory !!!, urgent Help needed...
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 08:52:26 GMT
Hello all,

I need urgent Help!!!

I have the following error and after 4 hours of debugging, i did not manage to find a way
to avoid it:

 at org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient.<clinit>(
 at com.eglutek.gateways.webservices.ServicesEngineManager.deployServices(
 at com.eglutek.gateways.webservices.WSGateway.start(
 at com.eglutek.gateways.GatewayManagerImpl.start(
 at com.eglutek.molecule.Molecule.start(
 at com.eglutek.Start.main(

Caused by: org.apache.commons.discovery.DiscoveryException: No implementation defined for
 at org.apache.axis.components.logger.LogFactory$
 at Method)
 at org.apache.axis.components.logger.LogFactory.getLogFactory(
 at org.apache.axis.components.logger.LogFactory.<clinit>(

 ... 6 more

Here is the context:

I use Axis through the SimpleAxisServer class.
Because of my application specific packaging, i need to load each jar that is needed by Axis
in a specific classLoader.
All seems to be right: all the jars are correctly managed by the classLoader, and the class
that i use to make my application "communicate" with Axis classes is loaded by the same classLoader.
BUT, each time an Axis class which use a logger is used, the application breaks with the above
This appends at the following code line and seems to be due to the log discovery system: protected
static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(AdminClient.class.getName());

If anyone knows or has an idea on how to cope with that, i would be very happy :)


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