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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject Re: Very basic Questions
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:55:01 GMT

1.) The WSDL file describes the Web service from a client's point of view.
It defines what the service does (the interface and the format of the input
and output messages), how to use it (the bindings and protocols that should
be used to contruct messages), and where to find it (the location of the
service). You aren't required to create a WSDL file for your service, but if
you don't, then clients don't have the information they need to figure out
how to use the service. Any client application, written in any language can
use the WSDL to generate a SOAP communication routine. WSDL is a standard
supported by most SOAP tools.

The wsdd file describes the Web service to the service container. It tells
the service container how to process requests -- what class to invoke, what
serialization routines to use, what header processors to use, etc. wsdd is
not a standard. It is proprietary to the specific SOAP container.

2.) WSDL2Java is a WSDL compiler tool. It can generate SOAP communication
routines for a client program, and it can generate a server skeleton if you
like (assuming that you start your service development from WSDL rather than
code). Most SOAP implementations provide some type of WSDL compiler for this
purpose. If you are building a service from code you don't need to use

3.) You cannot deploy a service without a deployment descriptor. The service
container needs the deployment descriptor to tell it how to process

Best regards,

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From: "Niket Anand" <>
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Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 3:44 PM
Subject: Very basic Questions

> Hello All,
> I have some very basic Questions as:-
> 1)Why do we need WSDL file?--> if we want to deploy service we do it by
> 2)Why there is need of WSDL2Java tool?--->> just to have interface and
> binding stub java files.Why is the need of stub files as while deploying
> services we just need wsdd and nothing else at client side.
> 3) Can we deploy service with just wsdl file without wsdd?
> I know WSDL is language about web service but don't know its importance.
> Mainly I couldn't able to realise the use of wsdl file. Can any body make
> clear of whole thing..
> I have gone through user guide provided by Axis but couldn't able to feel
> the utilization of wsdl file..
> I might be asking silly questions but I want it to be clear about it.
> Please donot laugh at me after seeing these questions.....waiting for
> Thanks
> Niket

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