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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: FileProvider and Lifecycle methods on AxisServer
Date Sun, 04 May 2003 20:06:50 GMT
OK, thanks.. I'll put together some doco in a patch so thats clear from 
now on.

- Dan

Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Dan,
> AFAIK, You don't need to call AxisServer.start(). start/stop in AxisServer are probably
> relic....
> Thanks,
> dims
> --- Dan Diephouse <> wrote:
>>If you create a FileProvider from an InputStream and use it to configure 
>>your AxisServer, it poses a problem.  The constructor on the AxisServer 
>>calls AxisEngine.init().  When init is called, it configures the 
>>AxisEngine by calling FileProvider.configureEngine( AxisEngine engine ). 
>>  However, there is a line in FileProvider that sets the configuration 
>>InputStream equal to null once the engine is configured.  Which means, 
>>if you call AxisEngine.start() you're in for trouble, because it calls 
>>init() again, configuring the server once again.  However, there is no 
>>longer a configuration, it is null now.
>>So this raised the question, do I need to call start()? Obviously not, 
>>because my server is already started.   The constructor should probably 
>>have a javadoc that states that AxisServer is already start()'d when you 
>>instantiate the server.
>>Should FileProvider be setting the InputStream for the configuration to 
>>null?  What happens if someone wants to restart the server?
>>However, before I go making javadoc patches, it would be nice to have 
>>some clarification of the AxisEngine lifecycle. Does start() really only 
>>mean restart()? I don't see a case where you would need to call start() 
>>unless you're restarting the AxisServer.  Or, why does start() call 
>>init()?  Shouldn't the server already be initialized after you're 
>>starting it?  Should start() check to see if the server is running 
>>before init()'ing again?
>>- Dan
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