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From "Kellogg, Richard" <RKell...@MICROS.COM>
Subject One Last Documentation Change (JDK Version Required)
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 20:11:17 GMT
We need to add a reference to which JDK version is required.  I could not easily find this
information last night.  I cannot believe the number of times this question comes up in the
mailing lists. 

Did someone remove this section from the docs?  I could have sworn it was in there previously.
Rick Kellogg

-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Loughran []
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: Axis 1.1 passes the JAX-RPC TCK, VOTE for 1.1 final.

Tom Jordahl wrote:
> I have just gotten news from our test engineer that Axis 1.1 CVS as of April 3, 2003
has passed the JAX-RPC TCK test suite.
> This is the last barrier preventing us from finalizing the Axis 1.1 release.
> I am calling for a VOTE to label the tree and build 1.1 final kits.
> Here is my +1!
> --
> Tom Jordahl
> Macromedia Server Development

Ship it :)

I may tweak the docs over the weekend, though dont know if I'll get the 
time. I want to add a 'what if things dont work' section.

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