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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AXIS anomalies/suggestions.
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 01:09:19 GMT
Ekbote, Niranjan wrote:

> 2) It seems there is a little difference in the way Axis1.1 and Axis1.0
> handles JavaBeans in typeMapping/beanMapping tags. Axis1.0 was allowed
> random Java lang types to be type/bean mapped. Like I could have
> java.lang.Throwable beanMapped in the WSDD. Axis1.1 just throws a NULL
> pointer exception with a WSDD containing this. Seems to be that the
> Introspector is throwing an exception, but would help if Axis catches and
> logs that exception with the message rather than it ending it to be a null
> ptr exception down the line somewhere. 

sounds like a bug to me...

> 3) I found the <operation> meta data tag in the WSDD quite useful and
> powerful. However, I did not find any docs about its DTD or XSD. There is
> very little info about it on the WSDD reference. Can someone add more info
> about it in the documentation/reference. I think it is quite useful. 

well volunteered! Post your cvs diff -u diff files to bugzilla afterwards.

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