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From "Wes Moulder" <>
Subject RE: wrapped style
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 21:51:13 GMT
Different people choose different things to key in on.  TME keyed in on
the fact that the element attribute always pointed to an anonymous
complex type, whereas it seems axis keyed in on the fact that the
operations name is the same as the element name for the input part.  In
reality, it's the 4 blind men and an elephant.  They all describe what
Microsoft does, but interoperating with derived versions of this
requires choosing the same pieces.  (Though I may crib that 3rd option

The response follows a similar pattern, with the exception of the name
being the same, obviously.  Following that pattern, though, the response
name should probably be the operation name + "Response".  Obviously,
given the history of "wrapped", only Microsoft knows the definitive
answer, and everyone else has their best guess.


 In one of axis mailing lists I found the prescription:
.Net style of wsdl, the pattern is:
1.It is a single part in he Input message
2.That part is defined with an element= attribute
3.The operation name is the same as the element name specified in the

Is the 3. required for wrapped style?
What about the definition of the response? This same pattern?

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