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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Axis Build System - Possible conversion to Maven
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 04:17:04 GMT
Note to all, I am not trying to usurp things, I want to try and improve things...

Steve Loughran wrote:
> The issue is not the build of the axis distro, that is just "ant
> compile" for the jars, ant dist for the full package. The many build
> files kick in when doing ant test.
> And if you went to write your own soap implementation (a lightweight
> client would be nice BTW), then you will find the issues are
> -interop w/ other systems
> -wsdl to java
> -functional testing
> and your life will soon get complex. Ms have whole test teams dedicated
> to interop, we have a hundred+ build files that rerun the test suite
> every six hours.

Yes, the interop process is what gets everyone.  It is the reason why I would be 
*foolish*, absolutely *foolish* to start my own project at this point - unless I 
had a team of developers.

> Now, I clearly have a historical bias toward Ant, but I am open to
> technology that improves the build process, where that includes your
> build, my build of axis, my build of apps that depend on axis, big
> builds of products (, websphere) that depend on axis. And to
> support those, stability of build process is important.

On a sidenote, I read on maven-dev or maven-user that jboss is switching to 
maven.  And, all I ask is that you *look* at maven (or centipede, but I happen 
to be slightly biased).  I also offer my asistance for what its worth in this area.

> I also think the troublespot is not the core distro, but the tests.
> We do need to fix that. The current iteration gives us
> -ability to control dependencies in a package

By this I think you mean, if the JMS jar isn't present, don't build the JMS 
stuff.  Granted, Maven cannot do this.  However, I think it makes more sense to 
have axis-core.jar and then axis-jms-component.jar, etc, etc.  This has the 
added advantage of cleaning up the core code, no matter what build system is 
used.  No more optional components in the core would be a good thing IMHO.

> -ability to run a single test

Once again, I don't believe Maven has this.  I could patch it relatively easily 
to do so though.  This would *definitely* need to be in for Axis.  I can for 
sure get this in before 1.0 I would believe if it is not already there.

> -ability to have non-standard builds in a test

By this I assume you mean situations like code generation from wsdl.  Maven 
already supports this kind of thing.  See below where I will talk about it more.

> at the expense of
>  -the same build file replicated (We could fix that, to an extent)
>  -expose memory leaks in javac (pre1.4) and ant (pre 1.5.4 & 1.6alpha).
>  -slow build process
>  Changing the build process isnt the solution. Or maybe it is, but it
>  isnt the real problem, which is we need to reexamine what our test
>  process is.

I find the test process quite clunky in axis at the moment.  Not that I don't 
appreciate the work that has been put into this process.  I know this is a 
*huge* task.

Anyway, maven makes my life easier enough that I'm going to convert axis to it 
anyway on my machine.  The tests will take a week or two to convert over since I 
am not familiar with every one.  I will be posting copies on my website and that 
should give everyone a chance to try it out and decide.  Hows that?


- Dan

Dan Diephouse

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