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From Sean Brandt <>
Subject interop with apache SOAP and axis 1.1rc1
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 13:16:32 GMT
First, my apologies for the cross post, but I need to get an answer to 
the following as soon as I can.

I've run into two issues working with axis 1.1rc1 and apache soap ( 
unknown rev at this time ).

1) The soap (server) side of things doesn't accept nil(null) arrays. If 
I update the code generated from wsdl2java in axis to ensure that all 
arrays are at least zero length then it works. There's a fair 
difference in the actual message sent across the wire. In the default 
'mode', the type is set to the base type of the array ( not an array 
declaration ), if the array is declared zero length, then it is sent as 
an array of the base type. Is this the correct behavior?

2) The encoding for the simple/primitive types of boolean and int are 
set to soapenc:int and soapenc:boolean respectively. Apache SOAP seems 
to dislike this, giving me a soap fault saying that there is no 
deserializer for those types. If I again 'adjust' the wsdl2java 
generated code so that the namespaces for those to types are xmlschema 
( hence generating xsd:int and xsd:boolean types ) that seems to solve 
those issues.


- Sean Brandt

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