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From Eric.D.Fried...@WellsFargo.COM
Subject WSDL2Java performance
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:22:55 GMT
Late last year I submitted some patches to make WSDL2Java run faster when
large schemas are imported in a WSDL file.  Those helped for a while, but
now I'm running with a different data set and once again WSDL2Java takes far
too long.

To put this in context:  after parsing, I have just over 1,000 entries in
the SymbolTable [That is, 1,000 Qnames -> vectors].

The bottleneck I'm seeing, courtesy of my debugger, is in the SymbolTable,
specifically in the setTypeReferences method, which uses
Utils.getNestedTypes() and some ancillary SchemaUtils functions to resolve
references between types (up and down).  On my data set, it can run for an
hour or more -- lots of recursive calls, iteration over the entire symbol
table, etc.

I find myself wondering if there isn't a Better Way to do this.  Has anyone
on the Axis team looked closely at the work that's been done with schema
parsing in Xerces-J ?  That gives you an AST in which the type hierarchy is
already laid out, presumably because it doesn't go through the intermediate
processes that WSDL2Java does (several recursive passes, including the
construction of a DOM).  It's possible to make simple queries of the schema
and then walk up the type hierarchy from any arbitrary point.  Further, the
schema model produced by xerces bears all of the "facets" needed to support
constraint checking (maxlength, pattern, etc) if one wanted to include such
things in the generated code.


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