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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: what version of commons-discovery is being used in the latest version?
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 23:05:15 GMT
Jens Schumann wrote:
> On 3/25/03 08:55 PM Eric.D.Friedman@WellsFargo.COM
> <Eric.D.Friedman@WellsFargo.COM> wrote:
> The reason is simple in my case: Bea uses an EJB Classloader to load a war
> archive, and I have a common shared jar referenced from the ejb-jar and the
> war archive in their Manifest.MF. A patched Axis Servlet is part of this
> common jar, and thus said it will be loaded through the ejb classloader
> directly. You might argue that I could split my jars easily. But this isn't
> going to work. Build management for reusable j2ee components is a nightmare,
> and the best way to resolve dependencies is using shared jars across
> deployed war and ejb jar files ;)

Jens, I look forward to contribution in this area, which sounds like it 
comes from testing as well as just the fix. I dont see any testing for 
complex Axis-EJB bindings right now.

Regarding classloaders, servlet API 2.3 specifies that classes in the 
WAR come first, before parent classloader stuff. Tomcat has a switch to 
disable this behaviour, Jboss+Jetty has a switch to enable it. So server 
  config defaults may be part of the problem (and solution). Since axis 
nominally targets servlet2.2, we cannot mandate the WAR classloader 
first solution.

> Setting a context classloader could be a bad idea, it could really break the
> app server, its thread pools and its resource access. It seems Axis already
> does something like that, see "AXIS classloaders breaking J2EE application
> isolation" on axis-user. I will try dig into that this evening ...

I think they were doing something very contrived there.

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