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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Socket Timeouts for Axis Clients
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 13:21:46 GMT
Added this note as a bug report in Bugzilla


--- Jens Schumann <> wrote:
> As a follow up to the "HTTP Connection Hang" discussion and my "SOTimeout"
> post on axis-user here a few thoughts:
> Some broken load balancers in our network configuration caused hanging
> connections calling WebServices using Axis Clients (1.1RC2). Since the
> generated Axis Client Code does not set a default socket timeout the calling
> thread was blocking forever, something which wasn't as obvious as it could
> be. A default socket timeout would have been wonderful ;)
> With the current client code I am unable to set the socket timeout directly,
> so I need to alter the generated code to set a socket timeout for the
> underlying HttpSender. You may argue easy to fix, but there is another
> problem: The client code throws RemoteExceptions (and AxisFaults) only, so I
> am unable to treat local and remote failures differently. Analyzing Axis
> fault Strings isn't the best way to implement Exception handling.
> I am somewhat short on time and thus being said I hope someone else might be
> able to implement the following changes ;(.
> 1. Set default socket timeout for Axis Clients to 30 or 60 seconds.
> 2. Generate code which allows to set the socket timeout for the axis client
> easily.
> 3. Add a local exception (IOException?) to the exposed web service
> operations to allow better handling of local (socket) exceptions.
> I think 1 & 2 should be easy to fix, but 3 will break backwards
> compatibility.
> Jens

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