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From "Paul Fremantle" <>
Subject Re: WSIF WSDL2Java
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 09:13:52 GMT

I agree!

We should specifically factor out the JAX-RPC neutral code. Both Axis and WSIF are designed
to use the JAX-RPC SEI definition, and this should be available independent of implementation.
When we moved WSIF to use the SEI, the whole point was to *share* tools with JAX-RPC. So what
would be nice is if the core code generated the interfaces neutrally, and then subclasses
generated any implementation specific code.

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  From: Nirmal Mukhi 
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  Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 5:43 PM
  Subject: Re: WSIF WSDL2Java


  Just a clarification: the WSIF version of the WSDL2Java tool doesn't duplicate the Axis
code, it overrides some methods. So what I was saying is that the common code should be factored
out of the Axis WSDL2Java code and Axis will extend it (to generate Axis stubs) and WSIF will
extend it (to generate WSIF test cases), so we share the stub interface and java type generation
in a clean way. 


       Nirmal Mukhi/Watson/IBM@IBMUS 
        03/11/2003 12:37 PM 
        Please respond to wsif-dev 
                Subject:        Re: WSIF WSDL2Java 


  WSDL tools, not related specifically to WSIF or Axis, should be shared. They would be of
interest to any project within and should belong to a common project, say ws-commons
or something like that, IMHO. 

  In WSDL2Java alone we have the following code, split between the Axis version and new WSIF
version (which has some minor differences with the Axis one, see below): 
  1. Code to parse WSDL types, generate java classes for user-defined types 
  2. Code to parse WSDL port type, message and generate stub interfaces 
  3. Code to generate Axis stubs and related classes 
  4. Code to generate WSIF test cases 

  (1) and (2) belong to ws-commons. (3) belongs within Axis, (4) belongs within WSIF. Right
now I don't have any strong preferences over where the common code should go (as of today
it is duplicated between Axis and WSIF), but eventually we should reorganize along the above


       "Owen D Burroughs" <> 
        03/11/2003 08:42 AM 
        Please respond to wsif-dev 
               Subject:        Re: WSIF WSDL2Java 

  The org.apache.wsif.wsdl package contains classes used at runtime so
  perhaps we should move the wsdl2java class to a different package. How
  about the following suggestions:

  If we want to keep all Axis dependant classes under the Axis provider, then
  we might want:

  Just some ideas. Comments?


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  I've committed a hack to the AXIS WSDL2Java tool for WSIF in
  org.apache.wsif.wsdl.WSDL2Java. It changes WSDL2Java to not generate the
  classes WSIF doesn't use, so only generate the complex type classes and
  service endpoint interface, and a WSIF specific testcase The testcase can
  use either stubs or the DII or both. For example:

    java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java -v -o\Temp -pbabel -tboth

  This makes another WSIF dependency on AXIS so maybe it shouldn't be there
  at all? Perhaps it should be in a different package? And I'm open to
  suggestions for a better format of the generated testcase?


  Anthony Elder
  Web Services Development
  IBM UK Laboratories,  Hursley Park
  (+44) 01962 818320, x248320, MP208.

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