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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Yesterday's chat log
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 22:20:55 GMT

Here's the chat log from yesterday:

[13:13] <GlenD> maybe we should get started
[13:14] <dims> sure
[13:14] *** JaimeM has joined #ApacheAxis
[13:14] <GlenD> OK... so, 1.1 release.
[13:14] <JaimeM> That's better I think
[13:14] -> [JaimeM] PING
[13:14] <GlenD> Who has some cycles to work on bug fixes?
[13:15] <GlenD> I have some, but not as many as I'd like.
[13:15] <vidyanand> i can spend sometime this week 
[13:15] <JaimeM> Quite honestly I have none until next month
[13:15] <JaimeM> :(
[13:15] <GlenD> Fair enough, Jaime.  (but unfortunate)
[13:16] <GlenD> Tom's slammed too.
[13:16] <GlenD> James seemed to indicate he might be able to help a little, but I think
emphasis on "little".
[13:16] <GlenD> Dims, how are you fixed for time + cycles?
[13:17] *** DaveChapp has joined #ApacheAxis
[13:18] <DaveChapp> Hi guys
[13:18] <JaimeM> hey dave
[13:18] <GlenD> Yo Dave
[13:18] <vidyanand> hi dave
[13:18] <DaveChapp> Anyone going to SOAPBuilders F2F?
[13:18] <GlenD> Yup
[13:19] <dims> Glen: I will have some time next week.
[13:19] <dims> Dava: Not me
[13:20] <dims> s/Dava/Dave/
[13:20] <GlenD> OK, so bug fixers include Vidyanand, Dims, myself, and hopefully Steve
and James.
[13:23] <GlenD> Do we know what the incredibly high priority bugs are?
[13:24] <vidyanand> I dont know 
[13:25] <dims> Glen: I don't see any (except for 16418, which you determined unfixable
in this time frame).
[13:26] <dims> Show Stoppers (IMO) will be the TCK failures.
[13:27] <GlenD> which TCK failures?
[13:29] <dims> Glen: I have not run TCK at all for a very long time now. So i was raising
it as a possible problem that can stop us from 1.1 release.
[13:29] <GlenD> OK.  Can you take an action item to run it against the current codebase?
[13:30] <dims> I can take up SAAJ TCK. I don't have any idea about JAXRPC TCK.
[13:30] <GlenD> OK.  I'll ask Sam if he can maybe do that one.
[13:30] <dims> Sure. And Please sign me up for SAAJ TCK testing.
[13:31] <GlenD> OK.
[13:31] <GlenD> ACTION: Dims to run the SAAJ TCK against current CVS
[13:31] <GlenD> ACTION: Glen to ask Sam about running the JAX-RPC TCK against current
[13:32] <GlenD> ACTION: everyone to look over the current bug list and fix anything
they see as major
[13:34] <GlenD> OK... what else?
[13:34] <dims> Glen: Can you please take up the EJB Patches? They have been pending
for a while now.
[13:34] <GlenD> Bug #?
[13:34] <dims> 14671
[13:34] <GlenD> +1
[13:35] <GlenD> ACTION: Glen to deal with Bug #14671
[13:35] <GlenD> Can we hold off, do you think, on moving the CVS repository until the
1.1 release?
[13:36] <GlenD> I'm a little concerned that will cause slowdowns / breakage.
[13:36] <dims> Glen: Am not sure when Sam is scheduled to do this...Need to check with
[13:39] *** kowo sets mode: +o GlenD
[13:41] <GlenD> alrighty.  So we're going to focus on bug fixing for 1.1.
[13:41] <GlenD> At the same time we're doing SOAP 1.2 work... so should that happen
on the main branch?
[13:42] <GlenD> I'd vote yes unless something really major needs to change, then we
should vote.
[13:42] <kowo> dims: What are there for EJB Patches ?
[13:44] <dims> Sascha: see
[13:44] <dims> Glen: +1 for SOAP 1.2 on main branch.
[13:45] <kowo> dims: This was really annoying for me :)
[13:46] <dims> It's on glen's plate now :)
[13:46] <vidyanand> Glen: +1 for SOAP 1.2 on main
[13:46] <kowo> Whats about the code state right now ? I've seen a mail that the junit
test failed.
[13:47] *** kowo is now known as SKulawik
[13:47] <GlenD> I don't know of any junit tests failing, but the func tests don't work
right now due to SOAP 1.2 problems.
[13:47] *** SKulawik is now known as SaschaK
[13:47] <SaschaK> ic
[13:48] <SaschaK> Are there still problems serializing Integer -> Java2WSDL ->
WSDL2Java -> int ?
[13:49] <GlenD> guys, I have to take off for a meeting - gonna leave the window open
until I get back, and I'll post the log then.
[13:49] <dims> Sascha: Usual rule-of-thumb...If you want some thing to work, submit
a Test Case for it :)
[13:49] *** GlenD is now known as Glen-mtg
[13:50] <SaschaK> dims: Yes yes, you're right - I know :)
[13:52] <SaschaK> dims: Currently I'm pretty happy with Axis - especially the EJB stuff.
Was really fast to implement that
[13:52] *** SaschaK sets mode: +o dims
[13:53] <dims> Are u happy with the docs on this? (Nudge, Nudge, Hint, Hint :)
[13:53] <vidyanand> Dims: So we still aiming for a RC this friday right
[13:54] <SaschaK> dims: *rotfl* No, not ! Has cost me about one week to get it working....
[13:54] <vidyanand> Dims: there are some docs on using EJB provider. but it is in pdf
. should we include that or wait to get an html version out ?
[13:54] <SaschaK> dims: And also the Bug you'ved mentioned. Currently I'm writing the
server_config for my own and use XDoclet/ANT Task for the client to rebuild the stub-code.
[13:55] <dims> Vidyanand: Yes, Friday for RC.
[13:55] <SaschaK> vidyanand: There is one really good example in the bugtracker as PDF.
[13:56] <dims> Sascha: Do you have some time to update our docs with the example? (to
help others)
[13:56] <vidyanand> sascha: thats the one i was talking abt. 
[13:56] *** JaimeM has left #ApacheAxis
[13:57] <SaschaK> dims: Ah - still ONE BIG problem using the EJB Provider: I had to
set the transaction for every (Session Facade) Bean to "Transaction Required". Has cost me
a lot of deadlocks.
[13:57] <vidyanand> dims: btw i am not able to run ant all-tests fails for me at WhiteMesaSoap12AddTestSvcTestCase.
but it was yday
[13:58] <SaschaK> dims: Yes, where should I write it ? IMHO there are still additional
config parameters that could also be used - maybe it is not complete then.
[13:58] <dims> Sascha: Well, Start by logging a bug :) about the "Transaction Required"
[13:59] <SaschaK> dims: Yes....
[13:59] <dims> Sascha, get latest from CVS, edit existing html
[13:59] <SaschaK> ok
[13:59] <SaschaK> There is no current doc for EJB, am I right ?
[13:59] <dims> Then submit a patch as follows -
[13:59] <SaschaK> Also no HTML pages right now ?
[13:59] <vidyanand> no html pages for EJB docs
[14:00] <dims> Sascha: I have not looked...I keep away from the EJB stuff as i don't
have a EJB container
[14:00] <SaschaK> dims: ok. 
[14:01] <SaschaK> Anybody tried to run Axis with OptimizeIT ?
[14:01] <dims> Sascha: Not that i know of.

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