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From Thomas Sandholm <>
Subject RE: VOTE Deserialization without TypeMapping
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 05:36:56 GMT
In case you missed it in the commit logs I have added support for this as 
well as an updated test case in a branch called: dynamic_deserialization_branch

The BeanDeserializer/Terra test case bug mentioned below is also fixed in 
this branch, unfortunately it was not so easy to fix it without my other 
changes so I could not commit it to the trunk.


At 03:10 PM 2/25/2003 -0600, Thomas Sandholm wrote:
>Yes I looked at the existing autotypes implementation and it is quite 
>different from what I am doing so I couldn't use any of that.
>The thing that is there does something along the lines of:
>if (doAutoTypes &&
>                 Constants.NS_URI_JAVA.equals(xmlType.getNamespaceURI())) {
>                 try {
>                     javaType = ClassUtils.forName(xmlType.getLocalPart());
>                 } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
>                     return null;
>                 }
>                 return new BeanDeserializerFactory(javaType, xmlType);
>             }
>What I am doing is to look into the actual destination class to see if it 
>has meta data about what deserializer to be used. This has been tested to 
>work well for both enum types and beans. Another major difference is that 
>I am not doing my lookups until all other lookups have failed, and hence 
>it is fully backwards compatible. So instead of returning an error saying 
>"deserializer not found for class xxx" it tries to reflect class xxx 
>before returning the error. (it would long term be nicer if instead of 
>reflection we could use a common interface for those types containing 
>serializer and typedesc meta data.)
>Another thing added in my patch is that when I try to deserialize an 
>xsd:any I can pass in a java class containing the metadata. So I would do 
>something like:
>MessageElement messageElement = myAny.get_any()[0];
>MyObject obj = (MyObject) messageElement.getObjectValue(MyObject.class);
>This is btw very similar to how it works in .NET.
>I am ok with putting this into a separate branch not to disrupt the 1.1 
>release. There is however one tiny bug that I would like to commit a patch 
>for. The BeanDeserializer never returns a fault when a deserializer is not 
>found just a default deserializer, the code has a comment about the terra 
>test case being the reason for this hack. I got the Terra test case to 
>work without this hack (which causes a lot of strange error messages) when 
>fixing a null pointer exception in the SimpleDeserializer implementation.
>BTW for a full example of how to use this stuff the best thing would be to 
>look at the test case I am checking into the branch, which is a 
>modification of the existing wsdl/extensibility test case.
>     Thomas
>At 09:37 AM 2/25/2003 -0500, Tom Jordahl wrote:
>>Don't we already have something like this that attempts to use the 
>>BeanSerializer/Deserializer when there is no mapping?  I know Glen put 
>>this functionality in under a switch, which is turned off.  It probably 
>>isn't the same thing as you are doing, but can it be used instead to 
>>accomplish the same thing?
>>Also, I don't have a sense for what this new stuff does, not how it 
>>affects the current system.  At a bare minimum, it would need to be 
>>documented, probably with at least one example of how to use it, so 
>>perhaps if you wrote that up and sent it to the list that would help 
>>people evaluate this change.
>>In short, a weak -1 which can easily change to a +1 if I see more 
>>information (documentation).
>>Tom Jordahl
>>Macromedia Server Development
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Thomas Sandholm []
>>Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 6:04 PM
>>Subject: VOTE Deserialization without TypeMapping
>>Sorry for pushing it, maybe I should have been more clear about this. It is
>>a critical issue for my project so I would like to get a vote on whether
>>you think this should be in the 1.1 release scheduled for March 10th.
>>If not I will put it into a branch and merge it post 1.1. So +1 would mean
>>in 1.1 release and -1 would mean post 1.1 merge of branch.
>>      Thomas
>>At 03:18 PM 2/23/2003 -0600, Thomas Sandholm wrote:
>> >Hi,
>> >
>> >I have been playing around with deserialization without the need for type
>> >mappings in the deployment descriptors (useful in dynamic doc/lit and
>> >##any scenarios) by using WSDL2Java generated metadata. I have put in
>> >hooks to use the getDeserializer method of a class if no TypeMapping is
>> >found in the TypeMappingRegistry. Because it is so close to a release I'd
>> >like to get the opinion of the committers whether you think it's a good
>> >idea to commit this into the cvs trunk/head or put it in a separate branch?
>> >
>> >Here is what I have done:
>> >-Added callouts to get deserializer from destination class from RPCHandler
>> >and BeanDeserializer in case none was found using the normal lookup
>> >-Added following methods to DeserailizationContext interface:
>> >public Deserializer getDeserializerForClass(Class cls);
>> >public Class getDestinationClass();
>> >public void setDestinationClass(Class cls);
>> >-Added following methods to axis MessageElement
>> >public Object getObjectValue(Class cls);
>> >-Changed Enum Type generator to generate deserialization meta data
>> >-Added hooks to ArrayDeserializer to deserialize based on destination
>> >class if no typemapping was found
>> >
>> >I have run it through all the tests and I have modified the
>> >wsdl/extensibiliity test case to exercise the new functionality.
>> >Note this approach does not work so well with polymorphic values which is
>> >why the xsi:type etc lookups are always performed first.
>> >
>> >So, branch or trunk or explain more?
>> >
>> >Cheers,
>> >     Thomas
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Thomas Sandholm <>
>> >The Globus Project(tm) <>
>> >Ph: 630-252-1682, Fax: 630-252-1997
>> >Argonne National Laboratory
>>Thomas Sandholm <>
>>The Globus Project(tm) <>
>>Ph: 630-252-1682, Fax: 630-252-1997
>>Argonne National Laboratory
>Thomas Sandholm <>
>The Globus Project(tm) <>
>Ph: 630-252-1682, Fax: 630-252-1997
>Argonne National Laboratory

Thomas Sandholm <>
The Globus Project(tm) <>
Ph: 630-252-1682, Fax: 630-252-1997
Argonne National Laboratory

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