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Subject Re: [wsif] irc chat log about final release
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 05:34:25 GMT
sorry I could not attend the chat, had an emergency. It looks really good,
hopefully will be done shortly. One clarification about JCA sample -
the connector is _not_ intended to be run inside J2EE server as a managed
component. It can only be run in so called
non managed environment (on purpose, this is not a Connector Architecture
sample) where it needs only j2ee.jar, a library from Sun, therefore
WebSphere or JBoss environment is a moot point and should not be mentioned
Also, the statement to that effect is already the jca sample's readme: ("
Because of the minimal implementation, the Resource Adapter cannot be
deployed in the managed environment of the J2EE Application Server, only
the non-managed use is supported.").



Piotr Przybylski, IBM

                      Slominski                To:       "" <>
                      <aslom@cs.indiana        cc:                                    
                      .edu>                    Subject:  [wsif] irc chat log about final
                      01/23/2003 12:31                                                   
                      Please respond to                                                  


this was short chat as first official 2.0 version is almost ready,
remaining tasks
* RC4 release Friday (jan 24th) and unless major problems are discovered it
is renamed to 2.0
* no changes or new tasks until they are absolutely required as we want RC4
to be final
* everybody check current RC4 release (soon final 2.0) and report problems
* write release summary and detailed list of how samples were tested
* test more RC3 on linux and solaris (alek)

next IRC chat is (tentatively) planned for Thursday Jan 30th to talk about
what is next to do after 2.0.



[10:23] <nmukhi> Hesh I'm in Hursley, sitting here with JEremy and gang
[10:23] <nmukhi> Hesh did you try running the JCA sample under app server
other than WAS?
[10:24] <Hesham> no. Only WAS 5.0
[10:24] <nmukhi> ok, we can mention that in the docs
[10:25] <alek_s> shoul dwe make a separate 2.0 release document or have it
as part of chnages.html?

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