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From Rick Rineholt <>
Subject Re: cleanup of attachment files &c
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:54:51 GMT
My 2 cents :  (Some of this -may- be close to what you are suggesting; it 
just  IMO over designed... but I know that is the Axis way)
Create a disposal collection that will dispose all attachment resources 
after the service or call completes.  Should be in 
  a finally, statement.
 Provide an interface to handlers and targeted services for both removing 
and adding attachments to  the disposal list. 
 On the Server side automatically add all received attachments to the 
disposal list.
 Provide mostly for the client the ability on the call/context to turn off 
the automatic disposal since there may be circumstances
    where it may want more control and take charge of the disposal process 
and iterate over the list it self.

That's it.

On the client side for the most part there is no real need for this since 
it can receive control after the call and can manage the attachment 
On the server side for received attachments, if a fault occurs prior to 
the desired recipient receiving the attachment it will be deleted.
Once received it can be removed if it's desired to retain it.  On sending 
attachments if the resource is to be  deleted after it is sent the
service can add it to the disposal list.

In any case, provide  the opportunity to persist attachment resources with 
out the need to copy them.  I know already
several users that envision sending and receiving giga byte sized 
attachments and prefer there NOT be the REQUIRED need to
always copy them.

Rick Rineholt
"The truth is out there...  All you need is a better search engine!"

Please respond to 
To:     "axis-dev" <>
Subject:        cleanup of attachment files &c

I want to look at attachement deletion and other cleanup. Here is roughly 

-add package axis.housekeeping for all such stuff
-add interface Disposable { void dispose(); }  for all disposable objects
-add class DisposalList that adds, remove and disposes of Disposable
objects. (and demand creates the inner list)
-Add class FileDisposer() that disposes of named files

This much I've just done, but not committed.

So now I need to integrate the attachements with this. How does this 

-add a DisposalList with get accessor to MessageContext

-add MessageContext.dispose()  to hand off to DisposalList.dispose()

-When attachments are created from reading a stream, we add them to the
disposal list of the current message context (assuming there is a current
message context).

-modify the transports to
dispose() the message context used in the message
set the current message context to null (encourage GC)
(this could factored into an AxisEngine.disposeCurrentMessageContext()

Now, consequences of this action would be that files wont outlast a 
So recipients have to save stuff -but they would have to do this for small
messages. The other consequence is that some of the attachmentInputStream
classes have to get the current message context and manipulate it, which
kind of violates my sensibilities; low level classes shouldnt need such
knowledge. But the only other solutions are
(a) static method in class in housekeeping to add disposables to current
context . I'd probably do that anyway for cleanness, but the context is
still there, hidden.
(b) pass a DisposalList down for Attachment classes to add disposables
to. This is cleanest, most fundamental.

Thoughts? Hold off till Axis1.1 ships?


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