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From "Owen D Burroughs" <>
Subject Re: [wsif] JMS/EJB samples feedback
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 16:45:15 GMT

Hi Nirmal,

I've successfully run the EJB sample on WebSphere 5. In order to do so
however, I had to make a minor change to the wsdl file. In the ejb:address
the jndi initial context and provider URL are both specified (using JBoss
values). WSIF takes the values specified in the wsdl in priority over any
local settings and so the WebSphere jndi properties were not picked up (I
got a ClassNotFoundException for the JBoss class).

By removing the two values from the ejb:address, my local settings could be
picked up and everything worked ok. Therefore I would suggest that since
the sample is designed to run against different application servers, and
possible using non-standard configurations for those servers, the jndi
values should be removed from the wsdl to allow the user to specify there
own settings (e.g, via a file). The initialContextFactory
and jndiProviderURL attributes in the ejb:address are best used in
situations where the person generating the wsdl has full knowledge/control
over the jndi environment (both server and client side).


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I just added the JMS sample. Could you folks try it out and give me some
feedback, specifically on how easy it is to set up with the provided
documentation? I have included a prepackaged jar for deploying to JBoss, if
somebody could chip in with similarly prepackaged stuff for
WebSphere/WebLogic I'm sure users would find that useful. Try out the EJB
sample too!


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