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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject [wsif] irc chat log about final release
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 17:31:48 GMT

this was short chat as first official 2.0 version is almost ready, remaining tasks
* RC4 release Friday (jan 24th) and unless major problems are discovered it is renamed to
* no changes or new tasks until they are absolutely required as we want RC4 to be final
* everybody check current RC4 release (soon final 2.0) and report problems
* write release summary and detailed list of how samples were tested
* test more RC3 on linux and solaris (alek)

next IRC chat is (tentatively) planned for Thursday Jan 30th to talk about what is next to
do after 2.0.



chat log:

[10:06] <nmukhi> We're all here (Jeremy, Ant, Owen, Mark)
[10:06] <nmukhi> Shall we start?
[10:07] <alek_s> i think so
[10:07] <nmukhi> let's wrap this up in 5 minutes, I want tpo eat my sandwich
[10:07] <alek_s> :-)
[10:08] <nmukhi> ok, so the RC3 is up and seems to be ok
[10:08] <nmukhi> the samples (except for JMS on JBoss) work
[10:08] <nmukhi> This morning all of us got together and went thru it, made a list of
minor changes
[10:08] <nmukhi> I checked in minor doc changes, Owen will shortly add WebSphere-setup
docs for the 
J2EE samples
[10:09] <alek_s> i checked code on solaris
[10:09] <nmukhi> cool, solaris ok?
[10:09] <alek_s> and there is small chnage i check in for
[10:09] <nmukhi> great
[10:09] *** antElder ( has joined channel #wsif
[10:10] <nmukhi> We plan to run tests on the RC3 and if everything passes we can cut
the release 
tomorrow, what do you think?
[10:10] <nmukhi> The major condition is that there should be no code change between
the RC3 and the 
final release, if there is we will cut an RC4 and delay the final
[10:11] <alek_s> i would have one more day and RC4 tomorrow
[10:11] <alek_s> and then if it is OK to promote it to 2.0 release (on monday?)
[10:11] <alek_s> that gives more time for testing
[10:12] <nmukhi> true, but we will run the test suite today and that's it
[10:12] <alek_s> we need also write some release notes
[10:12] <nmukhi> we don't plan to test more than that, do you? if not I don't see any
reason to delay 
the release till Monday
[10:13] <nmukhi> yes, we need release notes
[10:13] <alek_s> did you check it on linux too?
[10:13] <nmukhi> no
[10:13] <nmukhi> could you?
[10:13] <alek_s> yes - but that will take a bit of time
[10:13] <nmukhi> ok
[10:14] <alek_s> i wanted also to get JBoss sampel to work ...
[10:14] <nmukhi> that doesn't work prolly because of a JBoss thing (it works on WAS)
[10:15] <nmukhi> If it is an ejb-jar.xml/jboss.xml change I don't mind fixing it
[10:15] <alek_s> what is the error?
[10:15] <nmukhi> but i wouldn't want to touch the MDB code or the client code just to
make JBoss happy 
(at least not right now)
[10:16] <nmukhi> don't know. some kind of connection failure. And the behavior differs
between runs 
(haven't investigated much)
[10:16] <alek_s> i see
[10:16] <nmukhi> have you seen the error?
[10:16] <nmukhi> it is possible it is my env
[10:16] <alek_s> but then we at least need to mention it in docs for this release
[10:17] <nmukhi> true, but i'd like you to first confirm it is a problem (if it my machine
then thereis 
no issue)
[10:17] <alek_s> ok
[10:18] <nmukhi> did you ever run the JMS thing successfully?
[10:18] <alek_s> no
[10:18] <alek_s> i thik i had wrong verion of Jboss downloaded ...
[10:19] <nmukhi> ok...I used 3.0.4 when it worked
[10:19] <alek_s> i have got this verion now
[10:19] <alek_s> and will try it
[10:19] <nmukhi> so if the JBoss run fails and there is no simple (i.e. non code changing)
fix we just 
document it
[10:19] <alek_s> did you run JCA sample?
[10:19] <nmukhi> no
[10:20] <nmukhi> I'm thinking that is prolly tested only on WAS
[10:20] <nmukhi> we should put that in docs I guess
[10:21] <nmukhi> ok so you want to write a list of outstanding tasks before release,
conditions under 
which we do an RC4, etc. to summarise?
[10:21] <alek_s> yes - to make clear what is tested and working
[10:21] *** Hesham (~hfahmy@ has joined channel #wsif
[10:21] <Hesham> Hi all. sorry I'm late.. got snowed in this morning :(
[10:22] <alek_s> i thik all is finished we jsut need to do more testing on more platforms
(i check 
linux) and write down in what setups (WAS, JBoss?) samples work
[10:22] <alek_s> hi Hesh
[10:23] <nmukhi> Hesh I'm in Hursley, sitting here with JEremy and gang
[10:23] <nmukhi> Hesh did you try running the JCA sample under app server other than
[10:24] <Hesham> no. Only WAS 5.0
[10:24] <nmukhi> ok, we can mention that in the docs
[10:25] <alek_s> shoul dwe make a separate 2.0 release document or have it as part of
[10:25] <alek_s> we will need also to prepare -email announcement message with list
of what is in release
[10:25] <nmukhi> I think separate: release notes = changes.html + summary?
[10:26] <nmukhi> can put summary portion of release notes in email annoncement
[10:26] <alek_s> yes
[10:27] <alek_s> so could we just summarize it and see if it is OK with everybody or
what is needed more?
[10:28] <alek_s> 1. more test ing on linux and solaris (alek)
[10:28] <nmukhi> ok
[10:28] <alek_s> 2. write release summary and detaield list of how samples were tested
[10:29] <alek_s> is there any reason to hurry to make release tomorow instead of RC4
(that will be then 
promoted to 2.0 release soon)?
[10:29] <nmukhi> on (2) we just update existing sample docs
[10:29] <alek_s> that leaves more time for testing
[10:30] <alek_s> yes
[10:32] <nmukhi> do you plan to cut RC4 and then cut 2.0 again?
[10:33] <nmukhi> or is it just renaming rc4 to 2.0?
[10:33] <alek_s> i was thinking: 2.0 == RC4 jsut renaming
[10:33] <alek_s> just renaming
[10:33] <nmukhi> ok, we'll need to make sure tags for both exist
[10:33] <nmukhi> and are the same
[10:34] <alek_s> yes
[10:36] <nmukhi> cut RC4 tomorrow and rename on Monday?
[10:37] <alek_s> that what i awas thining
[10:37] <nmukhi> i.e. promote on Monday?
[10:37] <alek_s> yes
[10:37] <alek_s> is there something else that is maybe forgotten?
[10:38] <alek_s> or anything else related to release we should tals about?
[10:38] <nmukhi> ok we'll cut RC4 here, sounds fine? tomorrow afternoon UK time?
[10:39] <alek_s> soudns fine
[10:39] <Hesham> sounds good to me
[10:39] <alek_s> should be enoiugh time to do any small chnages if needed
[10:39] <nmukhi> And there shoulod be absolutely no change at all to RC4, only then
we promote it to 2.0
[10:40] <alek_s> i hope so
[10:40] <alek_s> (or we do RC5 ...)
[10:41] <nmukhi> sounds ok?
[10:42] <nmukhi> rc5 in the worst case (I hope not)
[10:42] <Hesham> sounds good. Hopefully no RC5..
[10:42] <alek_s> that will be great to see 2.0 release real soon now :-)
[10:43] <nmukhi> ok then, are we done?
[10:44] <alek_s> i will post irc log
[10:44] <alek_s> to encourage more people to try out RC3
[10:44] <alek_s> i will also remove no longer relvant parts from RELEASE_NOTES.txt
[10:44] *** Signoff: wsif_bot (*.net *.split)
[10:44] *** Signoff: nmukhi (*.net *.split)
[10:45] <Hesham> ok.
[10:45] <antElder> ok
[10:45] <alek_s> i think we had net plit
[10:45] <antElder> (nirmal lost his connection and can't get back on, but says ok also)
[10:45] <antElder> (and Jeremy)
[10:46] <alek_s> ok
[10:46] <alek_s> then it is officially finished (short meeeting ae good meetings :-))
[10:46] <Hesham> bye
[10:46] <alek_s> bye
[10:46] <antElder> ok talk againg later, bye
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