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From Jools Enticknap <>
Subject XML-RPC support in AXIS
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 19:46:07 GMT
Hi All

I'm currently a lead developer for a company who have an XMLRPC based 
webservices system. who are looking to introduce SOAP.

I've managed to write a provider which allows them to use the existing 
XMLRPC services using axis, however it makes sense to move the whole 
thing over to Axis at some point.

I originally wrote the XMLRPC system for my company over 2 years ago, 
but it has been implemented in the same way as axis (which was weird 
when I found out) and I would like to lend a hand at getting this 
feature implemented.

I've found some comments in the code which point out where the code 
might need to go, but I want to here from the developers in case 
somebody is already working on this.

If there is'nt anybody working on this I'd be glad to write it myself.

Best regards


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