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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject [wsif] irc chat log
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 17:34:19 GMT

this chat was mostly about schedule toward first official 2.0 version 
(to confirm the dates for the RC2 and the 2.0) and discuss some of 
current pressing issues that needs fixing before RC2:
* RC2 ASAP (just cut it - Tuesday/Wednesday would be good)
* schedule a 2.0 release for say Thursday/Friday next week
* to make 2.0 release possible: moved to next release some of "high 
priority" tasks that nobody signed for them (or seems to be working on 
them ...)
* after that do a 2.01 or 2.1 ASAP
    put in some bugs that Ant has been fixing related to doc style support,
    put the Forrest-ed web pages
    users feedback ....

also come out problem with Zip task in Ant and IBM JDK 1.3 that causes 
NullPointerException (seems to only on IBM JDK 1.3 and fixed in IBM JDK 
1.3.1) and making JCA sample compile (when J2EE is not available) to 
resolve problem reported by GUMP - that took some time and will take 
even more so temporarily compilation of JCA sample is disabled - 
hopefully it gets resolved before thursday so it gets into RC2 (details 
below in log chat...)

next IRC chat is planned for Thursday Jan 23th - just before final 
release (if RC2 decided to be final)



ps. here is partial list of remaining issue/tasks:
* check current RC1 release (soon RC2) and report problems to axis-dev 
mailing list
  ESPECIALLY: look on how build scripts work (including build.* and 
classpath.*) and on lib/subdires structure
  also consider how to structure jar dependencies (subdirectories or 
everything in one directory)
* report all remaining tasks, for example: remaining critical bugs 
including URLs such as:
  Bug 13646 WSIFOperation_ApacheAxis fails to set up Call's Parameter 
  and regularly monitor bugzilla bugs and decide as appropriate if fix 
should be included in RCx or final
* piotrp: fix build for JCA samples
* documentation: we have most of it now but some reading/checking will 
only make it better
* we need more people to check documentation
* document each sample (Nirmal is doing great work here both writing and 
documenting samples)

chat log:

[10:09] <hughesj> shall we start ... Alek what's on the agenda
[10:09] <alek_s> hi everybody!
[10:09] <alek_s> i think we have one thing to do only :-)
[10:09] <alek_s> confirm the dates for the RC2 and the 2.0
[10:09] <alek_s> what about: RC2 ASAP (just cut it - Tuesday/Wednesday 
would be good)
[10:09] <alek_s> and schedule a 2.0 release for say Thursday/Friday next 
week, if that is ok?
[10:10] <alek_s> After that do a 2.01 or 2.1 ASAP (put in some bugs Ant 
has been fixing related to doc style support, put the Forrest-ed web 
pages, gather users feedback ....)
[10:10] <alek_s> how does it sound?
[10:10] <hughesj> sounds good to me
[10:10] <hughesj> Nirmal will actually be in IBM Hursley at the end of 
next week, so that is good timing
[10:11] <alek_s> do u know who is doing nightly builds?
[10:11] <hughesj> do you mean aside from GUMP
[10:12] <alek_s> the version tat is on
[10:13] <alek_s> is this verin GUMP generated?
[10:13] <alek_s> is there other version?
[10:13] <hughesj> not that I know of
[10:14] <alek_s> ok
[10:14] <alek_s> i worote to Piotr asking about problems with JCA sample
[10:14] <alek_s> so hopefully GUMP problem failing will be resolved 
soonand we can do RC2
[10:16] <alek_s> i have one more concern
[10:16] <alek_s> it seems that list of chanes in doc/chnages.html is not 
[10:16] <alek_s> and the same for RELEASE_TASKS - i do not think we are 
going to do all tasks 
[10:17] <alek_s> as many of them are not picked up by anybody ....
[10:18] <alek_s> any other issues?
[10:18] <alek_s> ir we make it a very short meeting.
[10:19] <hughesj> I'll ask Piotr and Hesham to take at the GUMP failure 
(in case they hadn't noticed)
[10:20] <alek_s> thanks! (i have sent email to Piotr today but no reply)
[10:21] <alek_s> Owen, Mark - any other remaining topics?
[10:21] <owenb> Not that I can think of
[10:22] <hughesj> I'm just trying to sync up with the RELEASE_TASKS liks
[10:22] <hughesj> list
[10:23] <hughesj> I know there are some limitations on DOC style 
w/attachments which Ant is working to resolve
[10:23] <alek_s> i will move all unassignd itemts to medium priority 
(read: next release after 2.0)
[10:23] <hughesj> I'm ok with putting them off until 2.0.1
[10:23] <alek_s> good
[10:26] <hughesj> How about we move 'done' items to a 'release notes' file
[10:26] <alek_s> i will check into CVS revised RELEASE_TASKS
[10:27] <alek_s> good idea
[10:27] <alek_s> (this makes even more important to always write what 
was done in RELEASE_TASKS and/or chnages.html)
[10:28] <alek_s> is it OK for everybody to have next hat on Thursday Jan 
23th - just before 2.0 release
[10:28] <alek_s> we should have by then anough time to look on RC2 and 
be able to decide if it can be final
[10:28] <hughesj> yes that sounds good
[10:28] <owenb> ok
[10:29] <hughesj> we need a 'fix build' task :-)
[10:29] <alek_s> is there more then problem with JCA sample?
[10:29] <hughesj> is anyone else having problems with Ant 1.5.1?
[10:30] <alek_s> i did not try 1.5.1
[10:30] <alek_s> what is the problem?
[10:30] <hughesj> I get java.lang.NullPointerException
[10:30] <hughesj> at 
[10:31] <hughesj> while it's building the srcdist
[10:31] <hughesj> actually while it's zipping it up
[10:31] <hughesj> Alek, what level of Ant are you using?
[10:31] <alek_s> is it final verion of 1.5.1?
[10:31] <hughesj> ant -version says 2nd Oct 2002
[10:33] <hughesj> I guess I'll upgrade
[10:33] <alek_s> i have 1.5.1beta1 and 1.5, 1.4.1  and 1.3
[10:34] <alek_s> i did not try the final 1.5.1 but i will give it a try
[10:34] <hughesj> I'm running inside cygwin too, but I've not had this 
problem before
[10:34] <alek_s> that may be also something with JVM - what JDK version 
to you use ?
[10:34] <alek_s> IBM, SUN, ... 1.3, 1.4, ...
[10:34] <alek_s> many choices :-)
[10:34] <hughesj> IBM's 1.3.0
[10:35] <hughesj> OK so as soon as the 'very important' tasks are done, 
Alek will you create an RC2 then?
[10:36] <alek_s> yes
[10:36] <alek_s> i wait for Piotr to fix JCA sample but if not fixed i 
will exclude this sample from build and post RC2
[10:38] <alek_s> i do not use IBM JDK - did you upgrade it recently?
[10:39] <alek_s> also is there a database of bugs (like bugzilla) 
available online for it?
[10:39] <alek_s> it could be worthwhile to search
[10:39] <hughesj> true thanks
[10:40] <alek_s> interestingly enough google found this:
[10:40] <alek_s> (Link:
[10:47] *** Hesh ( has joined channel #wsif
[10:47] <alek_s> hi Hesham
[10:47] <Hesh> Hi
[10:48] <Hesh> Sorry I'm late..
[10:48] <hughesj> Hi Hesham
[10:48] <Hesh> I just flew back in last night, and I'm quite jet lagged.. :(
[10:48] <hughesj> :(
[10:48] <hughesj> there is a problem with the jca sample in the GUMP build
[10:48] <hughesj> could you take a look
[10:48] <Hesh> sure
[10:48] <hughesj> (Link:
[10:49] <alek_s> please post whatever result to axis-dev - it seems 
problem is related to JCA sample 
[10:49] <Hesh> ok
[10:49] <alek_s> i will send you also copyof email i have sent to Piotr
[10:50] <hughesj> looks like a bunch of classes aren't in the right place
[10:50] <Hesh> ok please do that
[10:50] <hughesj> Alek, thanks for that URL, that's exactly the problem 
I have
[10:52] <hughesj> Alek, got the answer ... I need 1.3.1
[10:52] <alek_s> great
[10:52] <alek_s> Hesh - what is your email address?
[10:53] <Hesh>
[10:54] <alek_s> just sending
[10:54] <Hesh> thanks.
[10:54] <alek_s> there is also potential problem of dependnecy on that os only available form JDK 1.4+
[10:58] <hughesj> yikes
[10:59] <hughesj> that's pretty bad ... a lot of orgs will not want to 
use 1.4 yet
[11:00] <Hesh> isn't in j2ee.jar as well?
[11:01] <alek_s> it should be- it is JAAS
[11:01] <alek_s> but if it is not available the sampel should not be 
compiled ...
[11:06] <Hesh> I just spoke with piotr.. he's looking into the jca 
sample problem..
[11:07] <Hesh> Before checking his changes in he was able to 
successfully build everything on his machine. He suspects it might be 
something to do with the level/version of j2ee.jar.
[11:07] *** piotrp ( has joined channel #wsif
[11:07] <Hesh> Him and I will look into this and get it resolved asap.
[11:07] <alek_s> i think it is good to check against baseline J2SE and 
then do J2EE build
[11:07] <alek_s> that allows to dicover possible problems and dependencies
[11:08] <alek_s> we should also probably in future document better  for 
each AXIS provider what are requirements/dependencies (not allproviders 
need J2EE)
[11:08] <piotrp> hi, I did a build against j2ee 1.3.1
[11:08] <alek_s> hi Piotr
[11:08] <piotrp> hi, sorr for beins so late, got snowed in
[11:09] <alek_s> could you add dependency check to build.xml to exclude 
building of JCA when required libs are not available?
[11:10] <piotrp> but it is there i.e. checkJ2C
[11:10] <piotrp> libraries and samples are only built when this is present
[11:10] <alek_s> it seems it did not work for JCA sample?
[11:11] <piotrp> from the error message it looks like the j2ee was 1.4, 
since the connector is based on 1.3, it would not
[11:11] <piotrp> compile
[11:13] <piotrp> Alek, do you know which j2ee.jar is used in the build?
[11:13] <alek_s> we woul dneed to check GUMP setup
[11:16] <alek_s> it seems that GUMP takes J2EE connector API from here: 
[11:17] <alek_s> and EJB from here (Link:
[11:18] <alek_s> but i am not sure if it is enough to reproduce build setup
[11:19] <alek_s> we probably ill need sooner than later detailed list of 
dependencies for each WSIF provider ...
[11:20] <hughesj> Piotr, it looks like the first compile problem is 
WSIFProvider_MyEIS can't find WSIFUtils_JCA
[11:20] <hughesj> doesn't sound like a J2EE problem
[11:21] <alek_s> may it be that JCA was not compiled at all ?
[11:22] <piotrp> Jeremy, I don't see this problem (WSIFUtils_JCA), if 
so, it means wsif-j2c.jar is not available
[11:22] <piotrp> Alek, then you may be right
[11:23] <alek_s> however checkJ2C: seems be working fine
[11:23] <alek_s> maybe there need otbe more checks for more 
J2EE/JCA/JAAS/... related classes?
[11:26] <alek_s> and wsif-j2c.jar was built by link_extra:target 
[11:26] <piotrp> if we use j2ee.jar 1.3 or later, it should be enough, 
this jar is the only place where all the libs (j2c, auth)
[11:26] <piotrp> yes
[11:28] <alek_s> i wonder what we can do to make GUMP work and to 
smoothly skip compiling for J2SE environments
[11:29] <piotrp> is it possible to see the build directory as it was 
created? Just to make sure wsif-j2c.jar is there
[11:31] <alek_s> unfortunately it seems that after GUMP built is done in 
Sam Ruby directory it is deleted ..
[11:31] <alek_s> otherwise u would be able to access it on (ssh) in /home/rubys/jakarta/xml-axis-wsif/ ...
[11:32] <alek_s> and GUMP is not easy to set up ....
[11:34] <alek_s> just wanted to make sure we get this set: next IRC chat 
on Thursday Jan 23th - just before final release (if RC2 decided to be 
[11:34] <alek_s> is it fine?
[11:34] <piotrp> Fine with me
[11:34] <alek_s> (we can of course set soem earlier irc chat if needed)
[11:36] <alek_s> Piotr: please let us know if you need help with testing 
it - i have in my environment w2k/jsun dk1.4.1/1.3 and J2EE 1.4
[11:36] <alek_s> i willcvs commit updated RELEASE_TASKS.txt and post irc 
[11:37] <alek_s> so please take look and let me know if something is 
[11:37] <piotrp> What would be the best way to recreate GUMP build 
environment? If I do extract to my box, build runs fine, to fix it  I 
need either recreate environemnt or run the build in verbose mode, if 
[11:37] <hughesj> next IRC at 3pm GMT / 10am Eastern?
[11:37] <hughesj> on 23rd
[11:38] <hughesj> Piotr, you could make sure you just have the jars 
mentioned at the top of the GUMP output page
[11:40] <alek_s> yes the same time Thursday 23rd
[11:40] <piotrp> The build log ((Link:

[11:40] <hughesj> yes at the top is aset of links to prereqs
[11:42] <piotrp> yes, and this seems to be the problem. The latest build 
points to connector.jar - the J2EE 1.4 version, no "javax.auth" etc. How 
can I change that to j2ee.jar
[11:42] <alek_s> i think we can ask Sam Ruby who runs GUMP
[11:45] <alek_s> for now maybe we can just exclude compiling JCA sample 
when required libs are not available?
[11:46] <piotrp> I can do that, however this is not a solution, I'll try 
to contact Sam Ruby - is it really the only way to set the dependencies?
[11:47] <alek_s> i think HTML pages and emails sent to mailing lists are 
only reports produced
[11:48] <alek_s> if possible please CC to axis-dev soknow what is 
happening with WSIF and GUMP
[11:48] <alek_s> temporarily i will comment compiling J2C sample until 
it is resolved - is it OK?
[11:49] <piotrp> ok, but that is not what I am asking - say we add 
provider that needs two extra jars - is asking Sam for a change the only 
way of modifying the dependecies of the wsif build? 
[11:50] <alek_s> i think dependencies are described seaparately and 
passed to GUMP as XML config file
[11:50] <alek_s> see: (Link:
[11:51] <alek_s> we woul dneed ot get this file modified and relevant 
dependencies ot be resolved
[11:51] <hughesj> not sure, but we should have access to xml file as 
[11:52] <alek_s> i think GUMP CVS may be open to all apache commiters
[11:52] <alek_s> oops
[11:53] <alek_s> it is in Sma Ruby home directory
[11:53] <hughesj> Do you know what the GUMP CVS address is?
[11:53] <hughesj> oh
[11:53] <alek_s> no
[11:53] <alek_s> there 2 versions
[11:53] <alek_s> see (Link:
[11:54] <alek_s> there is even project defintion for wsif in 
project/xml-axis-wsif.xml inside jakarta-gump directory
[11:56] <hughesj> that sounds like the one
[11:56] <hughesj> can we change that?
[11:56] <alek_s> if you are in apcvs group
[11:57] <alek_s> it should work
[11:57] <alek_s> (ssh to and check groups)
[11:57] <alek_s> bash-2.04$ groups
[11:57] <alek_s> aslom apcvs xml
[11:57] <hughesj> looks like we are then
[11:57] <hughesj> cool
[11:58] <alek_s> even though we can get it fixed we probably should let 
know Sam what is going on 
[11:58] *** owenb has left #wsif
[11:58] <piotrp> I will, especially that I may have to add a jar (j2ee.jar)
[11:59] <alek_s> please CC me - i am interested to know how it goes on
[11:59] <hughesj> can't see a j2ee.xml
[12:00] <alek_s> there is ejb and j2ee connector
[12:00] <alek_s> nbut nothing more
[12:00] <piotrp> j2ee connector is the wrong one, has to be deleted (1.4 
vs 1.3)
[12:00] <hughesj> how did this ever work?
[12:01] <piotrp> The provider only needs classes that did not change 
from 1.3
[12:01] <alek_s> GUMP only compiles and run automatic tests
[12:01] <alek_s> Piotr: why i can not compile JCA sample with J2EE 1.4?
[12:02] <piotrp> The concrete sample connector needs the whole library 
and other libs (
[12:03] <piotrp> The J2EE 1.4 contains next version of the JCA spec 
(1.5). The sample connector is JCA 1.0 compliant.
[12:03] <alek_s> then it would be good to add more dependency checks to 
[12:03] <piotrp> Yes, for version
[12:04] <piotrp> I'll try to do it
[12:06] <alek_s> great - that would be better error message than 
"com.myeis.j2c.MyEISManagedConnectionFactory should be declared 
abstract; it does not define getResourceAdapter() in 
com.myeis.j2c.MyEISManagedConnectionFactory " :-)
[12:12] *** Hesh has left #wsif
[12:12] <piotrp> yes - to sum up, I'll work with Sam to get build fixed 
as soon as possible and add the check for right version of j2ee.
[12:12] <alek_s> Piotr: let me knwo if you need my help with testing 
WSIF build
[12:12] <alek_s> otherwise i will be leaving 
[12:14] <piotrp> Thanks, I'll let you know. I think we are done.
[12:16] <alek_s> Piotr: please update chnages.html with into about JCA 
samples and its dependencies (si it is recorded somwhere)
[12:17] <hughesj> bye everyone
[12:17] *** Signoff: hughesj (Quit)
[12:18] <alek_s> bye
[12:20] <piotrp> bye

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