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From "E. Sriram" <>
Subject Re: Serializer/Deserializer
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 12:04:48 GMT
My service (more than 1) is already functional via RMI. Now I am 
evaluating if SOAP communication between my client and server is possible.

All the parameters used by my service follow the Java Beans pattern.

The method parameters are either one of the following
Bean object
Array of Bean Object
Collection of Bean Object
Bean Objects containing Bean Objects

Problems faced with registering classes
    New java classes will be added and old once will be removed. I dont 
want to change my registration part of code each time a new class is added.
    I am not able to get it working on the server side.

Please advice.

E. Sriram wrote:

> I am using Axis 1.0
> Question #1
> I have registered a serializer/deserializer for a java Object on the 
> client side.
> Now when I invoke a method on the Call object, the java Object is 
> serialized and transfered to the server side.
> Here an exception is thrown. It looks as though the deserializer was 
> not registered on the server side.
> What should I do.
> Question #2
> Can I set a default serializer/deserializer to encode and decode java 
> objects.
> (i.e) If Axis comes across a Java object which has not got any 
> registered serializer/deserializer it should do the following
> 1. Do not throw an exception
> 2. Try to serialize this object using the default serializer (say 
> BeanSerializer)
> 3. Throw an exception only if serialization using the default 
> serializer fails.
> Please let me know I am not clear.
> thanks,
> --E.Sriram

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