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From Chris Knight <>
Subject Re: [Bug 15741] - TCP Monitor does not handle WebDAV methods in proxy mode
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 18:25:23 GMT
Doug Davis wrote:
> Huge +1 - that's what I do too.
> -Dug
> Tom Jordahl <> on 01/06/2003 05:32:48 PM
> Please respond to
> To:    "''" <>
> cc:
> Subject:    RE: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 15741]  -  TCP Monitor does not handle
>        WebD AV methods in proxy mode
>>I tried out resend today after removing the content-length recalculation
> and it
>>works great, including with the s/w in proxy mode and multiple hosts in
> the same
>>TCP connection.
> Wait a minute, the resend functionality needs to recalculate the
> content-length again because you can edit the request before you send it.
> This is how *I* use the resend button.
> Please don't remove that code....

Ah hah...Herein lies a much more complex problem. The current version of 
TCPMon does not distinguish between multiple HTTP requests in the same 
connection and should be fixed.

A couple ways to approach this (in no particular order of preference and 
noting the ease [likelyhood ;^o] of implementation):

* leave it the way it is and note that the content-length re-calculation 
is broken for multiple request connections, perhaps not allowing resend 
if there are multiple requests in the same connection. Not HTTP/1.1 
compliant. (VERY EASY)

* require hand-updating of the content-length, obviously difficult for 
users to use (VERY EASY)

* ensure that only one HTTP request can be edited at a time (HARD)

* try to determine where an HTTP request ends by looking for the next 
request method (although I would be loathe to hard-code any method names 
such as GET, PUT, POST, etc. as they're sure to change.) (HARD - what if 
an HTTP "request" is embedded in the body of a POST?)

* close the connection after the first HTTP response to ensure one 
request/connection. (EASY)

* when in "HTTP mode", have TCPMon separate individual 
requests/responses as if they were individual connections. Would prevent 
resending the entire request stream. (MODERATE)

* create a hierarchical structure of connections containing >= 1 
request/response pair. (HARD)

What is your opinion?

The bottom two are my preferences, but they're certainly a lot to tackle 
and I'd want to make sure that it would meet your needs and be adopted 
into the main distribution and hopefully get some help from someone who 
understands the code more than I.

As an aside, I'd like to be considered a Contributor (see and as such I need to find 
out who the Committer is that I should coordinate with to get changes 
into CVS.  It might be worthwhile to have the list of Committers (or at 
least one) listed on the "Contacting Us" page.

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