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From Jess Sightler <>
Subject Re: Axis attachment naming enhancement (code attached)
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:00:53 GMT
Perhaps the real solution is to make Axis store the filename somewhere
(perhaps in a file like  I agree that letting
the client control the server filename is a security risks, but carrying
meta-data, such as whether or not the file is a .exe file) is useful.

On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 16:43, James M Snell wrote:
> I would think that allowing the client to control the naming of the files 
> saved on the server would constitute a security risk on the server.  If 
> the attachment contains a malicious executable, then Axis would be 
> unwittingly allowing the code to be saved to the server in a form that 
> would allow it to be easily executed (e.g. tempfilename.exe).  While I 
> recognize the benefits that something like this would allow, I do not 
> believe that this is the right solution.
> - James Snell
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> Jim Lerner <>
> 01/30/2003 12:10 PM
> Please respond to axis-dev
> To
> cc
> bcc
> Subject
> Axis attachment naming enhancement (code attached)
> I am submitting for your approval (and integration) changes to
> Axis-1_1beta that allows Axis to create unique names for file
> attachments that bear a passing resemblance to the original filename.
> This is critical for applications that use the filename [extension] for
> disambiguation, and also in the case of multiple attachments on a single
> message.  It's my understanding that there are a number of Axis users
> out there who have suffered for lack of a solution to this problem.
> The premise is simple: add a MIME header to each attachment with the
> original filename.  When the file is sent to Axis, Axis'
> ManagedMemoryDataSource will use this name to create a uniquely named
> temporary file (eg. Axis98765_myfile.xls) rather than the usual
> (Axis98765axis).  Likewise, when Axis receives a file to be sent back to
> the caller, a MIME header on the attachment indicates the original name
> (Axis98765_myfile.xls).  This is not quite optimal, but it is easy
> enough for the client to parse and use, given that the underscore is
> guaranteed to be the first one in the filename.  Existing applications
> that don't set the MIME header will continue to see the previous file
> naming behavior.
> The changes that I've made (in the attached files) are as follows:
> org/apache/axis/transport/http/HTTPConstants:
> added HEADER_X_ORIGINAL_FILENAME for new MIME header
> org/apache/axis/attachments/AttachmentPart:
> setMimeHeader(DataSource's getName()) when creating an attachment part
> from a DataHandler and
> when setting a DataHandler for an existing AttachmentPart.
> org/apache/axis/attachments/MultiPartRelatedInputStream:
> inform ManagedMemoryDataSource of the X_ORIGINAL_FILENAME MIME heading.
> org/apache/axis/attachments/ManagedMemoryDataSource:
> added new constructor with extra parameter for original name (other
> constructors use this(..., null))
> added storage for the original filename
> use the original name when constructing the temporary file into which
> the in-memory file is flushed.
> Please let me know if you need any further clarification, any of this
> needs to be reworked, etc.  I'm hoping that you'll find this to be
> useful, correct, and worth integrating into the CVS repository.
> - Jim
Jess Sightler
Senior Developer
Exim Technologies
131 Falls Street
Greenville SC 29601
Phone: 864-679-4651

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