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From Joe Schwartz <>
Subject WSDL2Java Feature Request
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 17:23:55 GMT
[My apologies if you've already received this message.  I sent it last
week before joining this mailing list, and I think it was filtered out.]

In the WSDL2Java-generated code that I'm using, there are many ArrayOf
classes that wrap Java arrays of various classes.  I understand the need
for these ArrayOf classes, but I don't understand why they're exposed to
the user (i.e., me).

I'd like to see WSDL2Java generate code that hides the use of these
ArrayOf classes -- the WSDL2Java-generated public API should use Java
arrays instead of ArrayOf classes.  Wherever a generated method takes a
Java array as a parameter (or returns a Java array), the generated code
should wrap (or unwrap) it in an ArrayOf object.  The wrapping and
unwrapping still need to be done, but they should be hidden inside the
generated code, instead of making the user do it.  This would make the
generated API simpler and easier to use.

Joe Schwartz

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